Taking Easy Steps to Remove Your Complexion

It is a daunting task for you if you want to buy the product that suitable for your skin. A wrong product, can not only cost you a lot of time and money but also cannot help caring your skin. Therefore, if you are facing some serious skin problems, such as cystic acne, then having some advice from a dermatologist is necessary.


However, If you only have mild acne, i.e. a few bumps and blemishes, there is no harm in trying to find an over the counter skin care product that works with your complexion. When picking dermatology products for your face it’s only natural to look to your friends and family for advice. You think because your cousin, brother, sister, mother or whoever has been in your position before they will have the right advice for you, but this isn’t necessarily true. Everyone’s skin is different, and different skin types require different specialized products.


The first step in picking the right skin treatment for your face is to evaluate your skin. When you look in the mirror you should have a good idea of what category you skin falls into, either oily or dry. If you aren’t sure take a piece of tissue paper and rub it on your face, if it looks like a filet-o-fish wrapper you most likely have oily skin. If you get almost no oily residue and your face appears patchy and feels rough and tight you have what is commonly known as dry skin. Generally no one’s face fits perfectly into either category. Most people actually belong to a gray area in between oily and dry called combination skin. People with combination skin are going to have the best bet starting with a product designed for “normal skin” these products remove oil from the face while moisturizing it at the same time.


For dry skin the key is moisturizing. Those dry and ashy patches of skin are begging for a non-comedogenic face wash like Cetaphil or Ponds. Those products will instantly refresh your skin and give you minor relief from that tight and irritable feeling. It’s important that you use a moisturizing face wash and not just a moisturizer. You want your skin to be as clean as possible so when your pores open up and take in the moisturizer they don’t also take in skin clogging residue. Dirt and impurities will only result in more blemishes in the future. If you want to invest in a full skin care regimen you should also look into buying a facial toner. Toners lock in moisture and shrink pores. Some toners, like rosewater, are specifically designed for sensitive skin. Be sure you don’t get one that is too abrasive, it could be painful for your skin if it is overly dry and lower layers are exposed.


Oily skin, although usually not as painful as dry skin, requires an aggressive treatment regimen because the oil on your face can seep back into your skin and clog your pores resulting in even more blemishes. If possible, you may want to wash your face as much as three times a day with oil-free acne wash and toner. If you have shoulder long hair that brushes up against your cheeks, oil might be transferring from your locks to your skin. Try and tuck your hair back, or style it so it doesn’t directly touch your face. You would be amazed at how often this results in complexions clearing up.


Its always recommended to try less abrasive products first, but if you find that products made for sensitive skin aren’t strong enough for your complexion feel free to move up to a slightly more abrasive product that better suits your needs. Remember, your acne won’t be cured in a day, and if nothing seems to work it may be best to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.