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Founder of the International Drying Conference, National University of Singapore professor MUJUMDAR wrote: 1984 I first came to China, in Tianjin Institute of Light Industry (now renamed Tianjin University of Technology) for drying the drying theory and practice of lecture series. Then drying technology in China, especially the drying of the research is still at an early stage, but Chinese scholars Drying Technology has a very strong desire and interest. 18 years, China in terms of basic theoretical research, or in drying technology have made gratifying achievements have come in some areas in the world. Polish experts STRUMILLO said: Drying Technology in Poland one of the traditional chemical engineering, Poland, the world has a drying one of the largest intellectual property. World War II, we began to engage in professional study of the drying, in Poland many universities have very strong research team drying technology, we published a lot of dry theory and practice of drying books, for the world development of the theory and application of dry and made positive contribution. China is developing very fast in this area, but is lagging behind the pilot means, in a sense, restricted the application and promotion of drying technology. Worldwide, the study of various drying was mentioned 600 kinds of drying technology has reached five, while the practical application of only a hundred or so; in dry areas of technology research scholars from different countries have already done a lot of work, in theory also has very clear, but the practical application of technology but also into a process. This process is the testing process, to be on the physical properties of different materials tested. Drying technology as a pilot science, advanced testing means is not acceptable. Japanese scholar M. Okazaki said: Drying Technology in Japan to focus on two aspects, first is the basic theory, second, how to further improve the quality of dried products. Japanese manufacturers for the generic Drying equipment The production of little interest, many of these devices are imported from China; According to statistics, drying equipment imported from China far more than Japan’s exports to China drying equipment. Therefore, drying equipment manufacturers in Japan are very bullish on the Chinese market, China is also very willing to seek Cooperation .

Agricultural University, the current President of the Conference drying Cao Chongwen, Tianjin University of Technology professor, the current Chairman of the Scientific Committee meeting, Mr Poon Wing drying, Agricultural University, Ph.D., professor, the current Secretary-General Liu Xiang-Dong drying session agreed that China is a drying equipment the manufacture and application of power, but not a power. Currently, there are about more than 400 equipment manufacturers drying, drying equipment manufacturers about the world half of the total, from this sense, China is indeed a drying equipment manufacturing country, but China still exist the following problems: is small scale, according to statistics, annual sales income of 500 yuan or about 60% of domestic enterprises, with sales of over 10 million yuan of the manufacturers only 5% to 8%; second, lower grade of products, enterprise products similar, more in general-purpose equipment to compete on this level, wandering, the application of high-tech capabilities and a lack of creativity; Third, lower business manufacturing capacity, especially on large-scale drying equipment manufacturing. Such as food drying, the United States, Germany, the production of drying equipment to 50 per hour drying capacity of 60 tons, and we are lagging far behind.

On the market issue, the three experts agreed that the drying technology in China is by no means limited to applications throughout the chemical industry but all walks of life, very broad, and with the continuous development of science and technology and progress, dry technology areas will further broaden the potential market is large. Professor Cao Chongwen, said: ‘to agricultural products, for example, drying of agricultural products, Japan has roughly 150 to 170 million units, while only 2 million units in China. On the one hand, shows the degree of agricultural mechanization in China is not enough; the other hand, the consumption concept that we are still a big gap. Crop drying, directly affect the quality of crops, such as Rice The ‘crack’ crack is not caused by threshing, but the drying method and drying problems. Different drying methods and drying processes will also affect the taste and nutritional content of crops. We believe that with the accelerating process of China’s round well-off people’s consumption concept will also undergoing profound changes. ‘Professor Pan Yongkang said:’ Drying Technology theory mainly refers to dried, drying process and drying equipment for research. Now the focus is not dry theory of transport phenomena of materials outside but inside the drying process material transport phenomena.