Talking of Pillows

The humble pillow is a complex thing, that comes in many different shapes and sizes; in fact so many that we’d be surprised. There were times when they were only found in the bedrooms of the rich. And at other times some people were not permitted to use them. Yet at this point they are common, albeit often built with high tech fabrics and fillers.

In our time, everyone can have a pillow. There are at least two things pillows do as things are: act as interesting features in our lounges and as head supports on our beds.

Most of us would be surprised at the number of different types of pillows available. But there is a very wide range of special use pillows and fabrics available to meet many of the niche needs we sleepers have.

Take pillow fabric, for instance. You can find expensive decorator pillows, or decorative accent pillows, made from beautiful fabrics. They can be really beautiful. My wife has some of these in a couple of our bedrooms, and they really set off the bed. But this can probably be said for all types of pillows. Even the body pillow, for example.

Or look at size. In many countries the standard bed pillow is a certain size and shape. Here I think most of us will recognize that standard size when we see it. But in Egypt, for instance, the size is totally different to ours. The pillows there would not be recognizable to us; they’re long narrow tubes that go from one side of the double bed to the other. And they are not soft like ours, but hard and deliberately solid. Take your choice!

Then there’s all the pillows and pillow cases thrown on chairs and sofas. In fact, there are probably enough unique throw pillows to fill the largest warehouses in your city! I’ve seen in all the countries I’ve visited in the Middle East, here in the West and in Asia that homes often use small square pillows on their lounge chairs and couches. Only the decoration style is different.

Specialized pillows are frequently used. Have trouble with your back, for instance? Then you just need go out and start looking at back support pillows, neck support pillows and lumbar knee pillows, all of which are said to help lower pain and discomfort. Does your wife wake you at night and tell you to “Stop snoring!”? You will be able to buy a special pillow that can fix this for you.

So, as you can see, the humble pillows comes in a LOT of shapes and sizes.