Tank Should Do What? Discrimination Faced By The Size Of The Domestic Machine – Heat Pump, Water

HC HVAC & R Network Future console look like? This problem, always accompanied by “the price of domestic heat pump water heater, there may be lower than air-conditioning,” which quietly launched the astonishing argument.

Popular home machines, there are two kinds of split and integrated, which split the home machine account for a large market share, are the mainstream. But strangely, although the average product quality and operational stability are lower than the split, integrated Heat pump water heater Still firmly occupy a certain market share. The main reason, in addition to installation of split easier than the outside; beautiful shape, size, “seemingly” smaller is also quite considerable.

What appears? Is because in fact the current one machine, the actual size of the score Body is also not much smaller in size but is feeling the naked eye; but one compact machine designed for small home machine really provide possible, it would also have real cause for the phenomenon of attention.

Question is whether the heat pump can do more than a small home machine? The implications of this problem is the low cost can do more?

Small built-in water tank of confusion
Recently, the topic of small built-in water tank, a little heat.
Small built-in water tank is one form of one machine, mainly suitable for direct heat pump (one machine). In 2004, 2005, the rise of direct thermal heat pump, some manufacturers began to try to directly install a small built-in heat pump water tank.

However, when the water tank built encountered many technical problems, but obviously not enough water production, due to many technical problems difficult to solve, it was split heat pump become mainstream. A foreign machine, a heat pump water heater for domestic water tank as standard equipment. Of course, there are manufacturers insist on one machine, because of the need large tanks, one machine is gigantic in size!

Consumers generally like the area of small water heater, heat pump water heater, although Energy Environmental safety, but where to buy a home is often put into difficult issues. Miniaturization is the development trend of pump, but the question is, what to do, or do little more?

On the commercial machine, the smaller the main content is to ensure Evaporator Subject area, reducing the total volume of the evaporator. While on home machines, then

Is the host + tank configuration and combination of individual consideration of the size of the host is not enough.

On the home machine, the host + water tank is simply a combination of two modes:
1) of the main unit + large tank cases: 1P host +100 L water tank
2) large host + small tank cases: 3P host +30 L/20L tank
Look at the costs, because most of the spare parts and air conditioning can be shared, so the cost of the host machine costs less than half occupied, or nearly half. Procurement of spare parts, whether assembled or modified, the host will increase the cost of less than 300 yuan. Dress as if 100L water tank 30L, the cost reduction up to 500, dress up for the 20L, lower costs even higher.

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