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Many Wine Drinker feel pity, is not the time to open a bottle of grape Wine Not yet to the pinnacle of the wine aroma she has not fully formed, still a little astringent tannin mouth. Many people waiting for a long time after opening bottles or regret, because the curve of her life has been found to fall period, wine and women no longer beautiful, no longer full taste and aroma sadly. Love someone, it takes like fate …

The peak of wine is the best drink on stage, decide that:
Depends on the wine’s color, light, temperature and oxygen are the enemies of flower color, so she became no longer bright. Wine color evolved over time, from the purple red in yellow. Therefore, heavier than the color of wine on the slow fade. The content of tannin and color are generally synchronous, tannins like Huhuashizhe to protect flower color is not destroyed.

Depends on winemaking process, of course, grape skins soak longer, more color and tannin extraction, the premise is ripe grapes, or else she is bitter tannins.

Depends on the various components in the content of the wine (acid, alcohol, tannin), these three can be said to the three diamond skeleton wine, wine is a natural gift of nature Preservative If they have enough content, you can make wine of immortality.

Year (the year the weather conditions), the year is the key grape maturity. Days of no rain, no grain, days if it rains, the whole rotten grapes. Not to mention it is a good year wine.

Wine conditions exist, this is the only wine lovers can control, do not think she was only Beverages Just commodities, or Gift , To put in the office. She is a living, needs a certain temperature and humidity conditions to ensure that no death.

Let us try the best to drink the wine of tasting it, in fact not so easy. This is a difficult exercise, because even the same year the wine, they are not the same as the peak period. The same winery’s wine, different years are not the same peak period. It can not assert a peak of wine a year of which in the end, the best way is to buy a box, over a period of time to open a bottle of drink … …

Name Zhuang wine easier to understand, they need long period of time, so change is very slow and easy to judge based on some theoretical knowledge of their peak period, the fact that we have a better understanding of their habits. Bordeaux and Australia in the name of some village

Here, examples of different styles to our readers the best drink of the wine. General rule:

Wine (TableWine /) a general release, but a year because she can not be any time to the things of life. Such as convenience stores in Australia, China and other New World wine, French wine on the label or VDT and VDP wines, Italian wines are marked indicate VinodeTavola wine, that is, the daily consumption of drinking wine.

But there are exceptions: producing areas of Tuscany, Italy High spit “super-Toscans” did not mark some of wine AOC level, because they are they do not want to level with the national legal system.

Beaujolais wine (Beaujolais), generally dry white, peach Red wine , When most fresh drink the best, with age, 18 months down very quickly.

Dry white wine and general: up to 3 years.
Burgundy ordinary dry white: you can put 3 to 4 years; such LaforetBourgogneChardonnay, AOC, Maconvillage. High dry white Bordeaux

: You can put 4 to 5 years; such chateaulatour-Martillac, ChateauCarbonnieux. BOLA TANGKAS