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Tasting Wine Do not need to drink a large imports in the way of the mouth. Of course, if the entrance of the drinker to drink too little, may not satisfy all taste buds in the mouth.

When Tasting a bottle of expensive wine, pour into your cup of wine is best to 35ml, some can be 6-8 times the taste Tasting. Wine drinking in the entrance will be quickly diluted by saliva, you may note stuck into the top part is the sense of wine, acid, tannin and alcohol, not fruit. If an entry in the amount of drinking too much, in addition to unsightly, the mouth of saliva can not cope with too much wine. Experience tells us that the best tasting about a big teaspoon (5? 6ml).

Mouth action Wine drinking in the entrance, the tongue moves to slow stirring, the wine liquid full and the tongue, palate, jaw, cheek and tongue position inside contacts. Wine through the tongue after chewing, swallowing one or two small mouth, then breathe some air into the mouth, the aroma of wine is more intense degree. (Inspiratory mouth made the shape similar to the letter “F”, gentle suction, not too fast, so as not to choke to the throat.) When the wine taste in the mouth all play a role in sensing area, and you should concentrate and understand and record the structure of wine (alcohol, acid, tannin, etc.) and real taste.

Wine in the mouth of the retention time According to drink imported wine
in quantity and quality may be. The experts suggested that the mouth the wine retention time of about 15? 20 seconds. If the wine in the mouth too long, then the wine will gradually diluted by saliva.

End and rhyme Wine experts often asked about the “finish” (the end), “aftertaste” (rhyme), “length” (length) characteristics of the three professional language and difference. Indeed, “aftertaste” (rhyme) is the “finish” (the end), a part of the “length” (length) is both a common professional language between the two shows. When the process began to carefully describe the wine, the wine exposed to the tongue at the beginning, the beginning of this special language is “attack” (attack), interesting now! People like tasting wine need to cope with armed attacks, followed by “progress” or “forward”, then go to “finish” (end) state.

“End” including the texture and smell of wine experience. If you feel that is polarized, there may be wine acid (acid), tannin (tannin) is too hard or too weak caused. If retained in the mouth are too hard, rough feel, so will destroy or control the “aftertaste” (rhyme) of the process; if retained in the mouth are too soft feeling, like the lack of a prop, then cause “aftertaste” (rhyme) the process seems short, weak.

“Aftertaste” (rhyme) that will swallow the wine, the smell and taste the feeling of continued retention (unrelated to the texture of wine), and “aftertaste” (rhyme) is based on the “finish” (end) of part of the process over. Length (length) shows the end of the process, including rhyme and the perceived length of time. Such as race, when the athlete crossed the finish line, the moment, that is, into the “finish” (end) stage, while the players may take some time to restore normal breathing, this recovery is like tasting the “aftertaste” (rhyme ). And here are all the conditions are “finish” (end) state, but from the inside and then separate the “aftertaste” (rhyme), that was all.

Finish of the residence time When wine tasting will swallow up, and if the direct finish, refreshing (Straightforward), may determine the course of excellent quality wine; if the rest of rhyme is not a pleasant (unpleasant), then the quality of the wine on the band flawed nature. Flavor retention by the length of time can be judged to wine quality. Generally can be divided into the following length of time (from liquor after swallowing): 8 seconds or more: that a considerable superior quality wine; 7? 5 seconds: excellent quality wine; 5? 4 seconds: wine quality is good; 3 seconds the following : General quality of wine. Smell the length of time remaining, also so that: a long (Verylong), long (long), normal (medium), short (short).

Balance between the use of the above, for the wine “aftertaste” BOLA TANGKAS