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Accompanied Wine Gently rotating cup, a sweet berry flavor sight. Small sip Wine , Round creamy liquid light point tip, if you look across the tongue on both sides, an immediate lingering fragrance which, mild with tongue back, all the taste buds excited with the way the belly slide. This is what gives you the comfortable enjoyment of ice wine.

Ice wine brewing experience extra sweet taste test of ice cold
Tasting time : Ice wine?? Tongue of ice sweet stimuli (Figure)
Today, ice wine seems to be the important guests of gift reward. While many people obviously are not well served the finest quality of fresh ice wine (as fresh on the good ice wine generally appear in the now 12-months, rather than time, these manufacturers will be nothing more than pressing frozen grapes made), But people because if it’s sweet nature, or of its rush, especially with a small piece of cheese cake, after the entrance, close my eyes, sweet liquid appeared to mouth the cheese cake and dancing, and keep jumping. Of course, if it is truly the best ice wine, taste is an sweet grape juice filling with pure liquid, and then reward you like a slap in the face crisp acidity, and was especially tired of not sweet. Like the famous Red wine Mrs. Robinson on the consumption of ice wine writers feel the same: “true ice wine is like a mouth with the most pure grape juice at the same time they got slapped his face.” Therefore, after the entrance to ice wine activities cheek, tongue and Take a deep breath, so that ice wine volatile composition in the oral cavity distributed throughout the open, through the throat spread to the nasal cavity, so that all can enjoy a variety of sensory experience the beauty of ice wine.

Ice wine with dessert is a good food choice
The emergence of ice wine can be traced back as early as 1794, Germany’s Frank winter areas. 1794, Franconia regions of Germany, a rare fall frozen, overnight, ripe grapes are formed ice crystal beads, the face of unexpected natural disasters, farmers feel depressed. In order to avoid thawing frozen grapes after the broken, some farmers harvested immediately pressing the frozen grapes, de-icing, brewing. Who knows, unintentional positive outcomes, when Wine Lead, the farmers have never tasted the sweet taste of new wine pure cool. Ice wine so there. On the origin of ice wine and a touching legend, Germany and Austria still widespread in many wineries. According to legend, about 200 years ago, a late autumn, a winery owner did not go back in time, hanging in the branches of mature grape picking missed the usual time, was a sudden heavy snow hit. Seigneur who came back last resort, try to have been frozen into ice wine grapes, they found out brewing wine a unique flavor from the brewing method found in ice wine. A beautiful mistake, let the world encounter the ice wine. However, limited its harsh natural conditions, yield is very low, ice grape scarce, rare, gradually became the ice wine taste, distinguished manifest symbols.

Pure ice wine production every year only a quarter of production can only be determined by the year’s weather. By the climate, ice wine is not every year, on the contrary in the old city embondo ice wine, 3 to 4 years before a year of ice wine production, it also contributed to the reasons for the high price of ice wine. Even in the appropriate year, a Zhengke vine can produce a bottle of 375ml of ice wine, per hectare of land can produce about 100 bottles, while the usually high-quality wine per hectare can produce about 6,000 bottles of wine. If you encounter storms, hail, birds pecking or climate anomalies will be total crop failure. So often occur in ice wine producing grape vine covered, and finally even a bottle of ice wine is wine not a phenomenon.

Almost harsh choice of materials stress, the body of the wine on ice the more “filling” and fit. Ice wine is known as the elderly, “Ice Milk “Said, people only knew nutrient-rich milk, in fact, ice Alcohol Like milk, it is worth in the milk, the Chinese medical experts confirmed that ice wine have lower blood cholesterol and blood function, can prevent hypertension and heart disease. Drink 2 to 3 cups ice wine, only to meet the appetite, but also meets the body. BOLA TANGKAS