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Than the well-known JohnnieWalker, in the whiskey world is also a high-end brands. But is not rare, our company called Family downstairs that there is a small convenience store and get sold. Johnnie and his staff do not care after a century noble origin, a bottle of BlackLabel labeled “Johnnie Walker Black” after a bottle of GreenLabel to it sideways is the subject of “Johnnie Walker Green Party”, which became six months this Little shop of a landscape.

Johnnie’s encounter was purely accidental, but had high-grade hot Wine In Financial Under the shadow of the crisis has become yesterday’s story is a fact. And Wine Location Bordeaux, Napa Valley, etc. seems to be the hardest hit by the crisis.

Na Boer and more, for example, a significant number of wineries on the 2008 vintage offer lower than 50% in 2007. Another side effect of this pricing to bring what they had on the 2007 prices have also made adjustments – because consumers are smart, is not it?

Matters worse, the Bordeaux region in early May hail attack, so that several thousand hectares of vineyards of Bordeaux received damage, it will seriously affect the 2009 and 2010 grape harvest down 30% to 80%. Can be expected the next two years are bound to reduce the production of Bordeaux wine, Bordeaux wine may also lead to the recent price rise.

Read the above two messages, you want to dare? Jumped off the sofa, turning out to buy the bottles of Bordeaux on the good 07,08 save up? Is a good idea.

Finest Bordeaux of luxury, not “rigid demand” too. In the past six months, we have also seen an overall decline of the luxury industry as the global financial crisis, even the most affluent consumers have to think twice before buying. According to the survey, the global luxury goods in 2008 Sell Sharply reduced the growth rate slowed to 3%, well below the 6.5% in 2007 and 2006 9%.

But does not represent the overall decline in every home, every brand is lower. At least this crisis so many Europeans to understand thoroughly the crisis in the “machine”: Christmas, New Year’s when large numbers of Chinese consumers in the LV, Gucci, Prada and other shops in front of Paiqizhanglong, buy at a discount rate reduction and the double Lured by the brand-name bags, shoes, jewelry. Some stores even had to put such a person with passport up to buy two packages a day to avoid possible before closing shop with display samples also have been a clean sweep. You also probably heard

: Christmas in Paris in 2008 Charles de Gaulle International Airport in a store, a Chinese consumers bought more than 40,006 1,000 French wine, breaking the airport since its inception in 1974, single consumption records.

So, when you arrive in Shanghai or Beijing in a shop, and excitedly run to the 2008 Bordeaux were, the most likely to be disappointed: those foreigners manufacturers and distributors well versed in the old consumers in China do not buy account the economic crisis, the price of luxury goods in China is still strong. So, we need a little store price high quality Bordeaux, then really have to buy a plane ticket, went to that “European luxury mall.” BOLA TANGKAS