Tasting Time: Ten Rare Wine

If you had the brain of a random thought, you can pop out 20 to 30 different grape varieties of the name, then you can start Wine Depth found in the world. If you even CabernetSauvignon and Chardonnay are not familiar with, the whole grapes Wine The door to the world you are only open a crack for it. When we are ready to more deeply into the wine world, the following 10 names properly we need to remember that they have a great potential for high-quality brewed wine, this potential has not been fully or just been found in the Enjoy these species, we tend to their high quality (of course, there are often relatively low price) with excitement.

White grape variety: Albarino: pronunciation of ” ” Spain RiasBaixas region’s most important grape variety, high acidity and aroma of it is full of fantasy color gradually changed people’s underestimation of the Spanish white wine.

Furmint: pronunciation of “Darfur special people”

This is the famous Hungarian wine Tokaji for brewing the most important species, in TokajiAszu in, Furmint is the backbone, with the full aroma, but also has a high sugar content and acidity it is not only brewed rum good variety, also brewed a good dry white wine to.

Sylvaner: pronunciation of “I Fall All-Na”

Alsace and Germany, although most of this is just a light dry white wine varieties of wine, but in Germany, Franken area, it can lead to strong, with the flavor of dry soil Spirit Or sweet white wine, worthy of its quality compared with Riesling. Unfortunately, the current character of grapes grown rather have less and less.

Verdelho: pronunciation of “Weierdeluo”

Original is enhanced wine brewing? Madeira wine varieties, but in Australia, it was found out with its brewing lovely floral white wine with bright acidity and hearty for summer thirst-quenching, although now the varieties were not to see more international, but attempts should be bought.

Malvasia: pronunciation of “Malvasia”

This is a widely cultivated, but has gradually been forgotten in the Mediterranean white grape varieties. It is in Spain, Italy, Greece has a very extensive wine growing little independence. This variety has a sweet scent and mild low acid taste, if not its existence, many Spanish and Italian dry white wine will be eclipsed.

Red grape varieties: St.Laurent: pronunciation of “St. Lawrence”

This species is known PinotNoir (Pinot Noir grapes) and distant relatives, grown in Austria, is also cultivated in Germany. It is similar to Pinot Noir with a rich fruity and elegant texture, can spawn a par in the world of high-quality Pinot Noir Red wine . If you choose to Burgundy alternative to, rather then a high-quality alternative Austria St.Laurent, not to choose a New Zealand Pinot.

Primitivo: pronunciation of ” “

This species but an ancient species in the Mediterranean region, is mainly planted in southern Italy’s Puglia region (at the large boots of the heel area). Seems more than a dozen years ago, this species is not known, but as the genetic analysis showed that the original species in California Zinfandel is the Italian Primitivo, the popularity of this variety also growing. BOLA TANGKAS