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Any professional Wine Commercial and amateur enthusiasts can not drink all over the wine, the wine of any new year is good or bad, do not drink before the person can only guess. And thus a wine critic (winecritic) the industry. The wine critic’s job is to help Wine The quality of judging wine lovers. All of the wine critic, U.S. RobertParker is one of the most influential people. Ling nose a million title RobertParker, forensic skill in the wine is indeed extraordinary, it was once, and he had wine traders with goods that, Parker has very strong ability of anti-tannic, even a hundred wines continuous product will not reduce its keen sense of smell and taste level.

82 Bordeaux created the legendary Parker
Parker’s legend began his 82-year prospective French Bordeaux God predicted that in 82 years, also Oak Bordeaux Barrel In deep sleep when not bottling, Parker bet on the credibility of his life, bold in their own publications WineAdvocate founded on the claim that 82 years is the best Bordeaux wines of the century year.

RobertParker 82 years of Bordeaux wine fruit weight, tannin is not strong. Some experts warned that 82 years after the Bordeaux fade in fruit, may not be enough tannin for the skeleton to support the further development of wine in the bottle, so 82 years might not be a great Bordeaux vintage potential. Even the world’s most famous wine magazines WineSpectator readers are warned that the price of the reservation 82 years is too expensive Bordeaux.

Parker and WineSpectator polarization of the 82 views of Bordeaux, so many wine lovers hold a wait and see attitude, but a few people began to believe that Parker’s book 82 years in Bordeaux. The 82-year Bordeaux listed, determine the mature slowly, has unlimited potential, there is no doubt the best years of this century can be one of the column. Successive encounter with the early 90s is not ideal for several years, 82 years worth of Bordeaux along gone up, now is the high price. Bordeaux on accurate forecasts of 82 years, laid the Parker’s reputation, leading his followers instant explosion, impact strength to strength.

Parker Score = Wine Quotes Parker’s influence on his love-hate relationship for traders. New York had a well-known vintners in public half-jokingly said, Parker is a wine for less than nine he could not sell, Parker is a wine for more than 9 can not get him. Have business students for the wine auction market for thematic studies, found on the wine auction market by value-added rate of the year, reputation, production, and many other factors, but one of the most important factor is the Parker to score.

Well-known example is the northern Rhone Guigal winery produced by CoteRotie, LaMouline, LaLandonne and LaTurque three single vineyard wine that this three wines often score in Parker or close to full marks to achieve a perfect score. Thanks Parker score to give the wine a while these three prices soared to almost become the world’s most expensive wine, although it is cooled down, it is still the most expensive wine in the Rhone area.

Parker in the wine industry enjoys a high status assessment, but also a controversial figure, all with his original comment the way wine. Before him, alcohol assessment narrative to describe the wine home, using metaphors and adjectives to describe the color aroma and taste, then some people How many pieces to set rating stars. Parker also oblige them, but give each wine he hit a score out of 100. This is the most direct and clear way the scores for the liquor and the liquor of the people, never easier than this reference standard was. In his own magazine reports on a variety of wine ratings, a lot of liquor and liquor traders and lovers of the reference standard. BOLA TANGKAS