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The more fragrant the more kept Food And Drinks The market liquidity should look like it is only reasonable, it is tea maturity issues must be addressed. Throughout Wine Market, just brewed up a new Wine Because of the strong tannins do not have good taste and strength of the brand new winery cellars wines are mostly at least two years to enter the market, known as the “reversa” (cellars), cache of more than five years as “grandreversa” (Chen years), and the new wine is “of wine” status, because it is semi-finished products, need to make him become a better post-fermentation. Pu’er tea gets better and better, if adhering to the core competitiveness of post-fermentation, it must establish a good new tea and tea Chen market relations.

New tea to do good, can really drink, but this is not a major trend in drink tea, new tea Sell Drink to the terminal manufacturers should not be a major business model. Tea for Health, the need for storage cellars for years, so Chun Meng of peaceful transformation of drinking again, opening the flow of tea have been cooked more than half of the transformation, making the air dry and the fire diminished Caidui fermented flavor and more body benefits.

Therefore, the tea should be the future direction is also inseparable from the phrase Deng Shihai summary: Tibetan health tea, drink the fermented products of tea.

Market liquidity should also be factory production of the new tea, new tea is semi-finished products, to the role of tea merchants to sell to caches, cache of the business to provide a good cache of the process, by the collector and the strength of dealers as the main play cellars The role of business, some manufacturers may also retained some of the new tea and cellars, and then introduce to the market by the cache of bodies in varying degrees caches of tea. Consumers drink the tea daily, the wines can also be the same as the survival of at least a certain period of transformation. The new tea and tea Chen tea auction to establish a common circulation platform, a value system of the year and cellars.

The Tea Bag tea and tea consumption, all trying new ideas are incompatible with the core competitiveness of tea road, and will not and should become the mainstream, only to meet the health needs of very low-end of thirst. For high-quality drinking value, meaningless. The same is true

champagne, champagne flow of the minimum statutory retention period is 3 months, that is less than three months of the new system is not flow of champagne. But as a famous winery, basically for three years and five years to master the two standards. Not recorded in the Champagne cellars at least three years, and mark five years of the Champagne cellars at least, which is supreme position of champagne. Tags do not mark the year of the year than champagne champagne cellars same time, the price of the former to the latter three to five times. This production of champagne Raw material ? The quality of the grapes that year. This tea is also very similar to tea and then the raw materials are water, temperature and other climate-related.

Tea and wine match between a lot:

1, tea raw materials must be big leaves, wine grapes and wine are also different to eat everyday.

2, tea attention to the origin of raw materials, different areas have different taste and quality; also pay attention to old and new world wines of different producing areas.

3, tea taste and quality of raw materials and years of weather-related; wine grape quality also do so.

4, tea and raw materials for different branches of mountain species are different; there are many wine grape varieties of raw materials.

5, tea processing and production about brand names; wine, wineries, or wineries also pay attention to well-known brands.

6, tea is divided into a single pure and blending the two approaches, single-grape wines are also divided two varieties and blending techniques, pure and blending has good performance. There is no absolute equal.

7, need for aging out the delicious tea, wine cellars also need a good wine.