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Wine Is basically over now to the world, all kinds of grapes Wine If we go to get to know him and the bad? The imported grapes Wine How Tasting? Wine imports required to affix the labels in Chinese, for most wine buyers, in fact, look as long as its marked in Chinese, you can see from which country, which produced what estate wine grape varieties, no need to that

Marked with a line by line the front of the complex foreign language labels (referred to as “being marked”) and Fan Yun. However, if the self-control are the subject of the information, you can master this wine’s rich content. For most full of curiosity, only to learn love Bo’s wine lovers, the “look” of wine, is a very interesting thing.

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Wine labels common elements are as follows: 1, grape varieties; 2, wine names; 3 harvest years; 4, grade; 5, region; 6, bottling persons; 7, winery name; 8 , wine producing States; 9, the net content; 10, blood alcohol concentration.

1, grape varieties are not all wine bottles labeled grape types. Australia and the United States provides products containing a bottle of wine for more than 75% of a grape to the bottle label the species name. While traditional European grape-producing areas have different requirements, such as Germany, France, the label if there is a grape variety name, that at least 85% of the wine is to use the kinds of grapes are brewed. New World wine marked more often see marked species name.

2, the wine name Wine name usually is the name of chateau, is also possible that the specific name of the manor, or even the name may be producing.

3, crop year Bottle marked the year for the grape harvest year. The European tradition of the production areas, especially in the northern grape-growing areas, due to climate than Australia, the United States and other New World growing areas is, therefore, with the quality of the different years is very different. When buying wine, the year is also an important reference factor. From this age the wine in the wine. If not identify the year, said the wine grapes from different harvest years mixed wine made, except for a few (such as sparkling wine, fortified wine, etc.) Exceptions are not good quality wine.

4, grade Wine-producing countries often have strict quality control, wine countries have different grading methods, usually the old world standard products can be seen from the wine its hierarchy. However, because there is no classification system the New World, so there is no mark.

5, producing On the traditional wine producer, the wine-producing areas marked on the name is an important message. That is a wine producing area, on the rough idea of the characteristics of wine, taste. Origin of the name of the wine is almost certain decisions of the bottle’s reputation.

6, bottling by Bottling are not necessarily for the brewer. Brewery bottling their own wine will be marked “original wineries bottling” is normally more than the precious wine bottle wine merchants.

7, winery name Famous wineries often guarantee of quality. France Burgundy (Burgundy), for example, may be a number with a vineyard owned by producers or traders, therefore the time of purchase, if only look-producing areas, is sometimes difficult to distinguish between good and bad, this time distillery reputation is an important reference. The New World’s products and bottled by the producer is generally the same business.

8, producing wine country name
The bottle of wine producers. BOLA TANGKAS