Tata Aig Introduces Car Insurance Portfolio To Hni’s

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd, the biggest name in the world of insurance, has come up with its exclusive plans for its customers to insure their high value Cars. This portfolio will help the networth customers to stay protected from fleet of high end cars. Along with cars it will also target homes, rare antiques, fine art, jewellery, or any other item of high worth. The announcement was made at the Autocar Performance Show 2010.

The unique benefits offered under this scheme includes Vintage Car Protection, Bespoke Protection for Premium and Collector Cars and most excitingly High Value Car Replacement in case of any damage. This is a good range of offerings from the company. The new insurance portfolio shows that car is a unique product to an individual and it needs protection in all sense. The dedicated claim managers had tried to offer best of support and unprecedented flexibility to its customers though this new portfolio. According to the Private Client Group, the managers will also consider individuals preference in case of loss, damage or theft of their prized car for handling the issue.

The announcement was made at the Mumbai’s most famous motor show, Autocar Performance Show 2010. Here Tata AIG Insurance company organised an exclusive evening for Supercar Club members to unveil the details of this insurance scheme. This show is a big hit in country because of increasing interest in high-end cars and bikes among people and it is evident from total 80,000 visitors to this show this year.

The Supercar Club membership is limited to those who own any one of the supercars from Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari etc. Many spectacular models were revealed at the show which includes Audi R8, Ferrari-599, Porsche Panamera and many more which were owned by the members of this unique club.

At the event Tata AIG explained the various benefits people will get under their Auto, Home and Valuables Insurance schemes. The best element of the entire scheme was worldwide cover for Fine Art and Valuables carried while traveling. This is one of the striking feature among all the offerings as it solves a major purpose of many luxury car owners.

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