Tea, Coffee, Beverage Plants The Principle Of Allowing The Use Of Additives – Food Additives,

1, GB2760-1996 ” Food Additives Use of health standards “revised progress
GB2760 revision last 3 years solicit food additive producers, food additive units, food industry associations and the competent authorities of all the views, and conduct a thorough comparison study, learn from the CAC, the EU, the United States , Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and other international organizations and national food additive regulations and standards in the content, so that the amended standards with international standards as far as possible, but also to adapt to the actual needs of our country.

Completed revised draft, the manuscript of two stages, will be formed and submitted to the Ministry of Health Final Technical pending.

2, the principle use of food additives
2.1 Basic requirements Should not have any human health hazards; should not obscure the food itself or the quality of processing defects; should not obscure the food spoilage; should not be adulterated, counterfeit for the purpose of the use of food additives; not reduce the nutritional value of food itself; to achieve the desired effects reduce the extent possible, the amount of food; Food Industry With processing aids shall be made generally removed before the final product, there are provisions excluding residues in food. Not intentional but technically unavoidable residue.

2.2 Conditions of Use Maintain or improve the nutritional value of food itself; as a special diet with the necessary food ingredients or components; improve food quality and stability, to improve its organoleptic properties; facilitate food production, processing, Package , Transport or storage (save energy, reduce environmental pollution).

2.3 Quality standards Accordance with the standard use of food additives and processing aids used in food industry should comply with the appropriate food grade quality standards.

2.4 principles into Addition to directly add, the food additive in the following cases can Food Ingredients Into the food:

According to this standard allows the use of food ingredients in the food additives; food ingredients in the food additives should not exceed the maximum allowed amount of usage; should be under normal production conditions to use these ingredients, and food additives in the content should not exceed the ingredients into the level; the ingredients into the food content of the additive should be significantly lower than that directly add to the food in the level normally required.

3, the use of food additives in the food hygiene standard classification system (abbreviated)
4, GB2760 in 14.0 Beverages Description (abbreviated)
5, food additives in the tea drinks, coffee beverages Application
In GB2760 in Table 3 can be used in various types of food additives can be (slightly).

In GB2760 Table 3.1 can not use additives in the food category (abbreviated).
6, beverage plants (including fungi and algae)
Plant is non-beverage Fruits and vegetables Plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds and bamboo sap their own secretion by modulating the products processed.

Present GB2760 has not yet been used to plant food additives in beverages have specific provisions. As to which plants can be consumed, the need for scientific evidence that is safe for human consumption, or traditional eating habits, such as civil and perennial food plants recorded sound, but also with modern scientific evidence Caixing. Taxus

as not part of new resources of food, the Ministry of Health in the “Ministry of Health to further regulate Health food Material Control “(Health Jian Fa [2002] No. 51), the Taxus also included” health food banned items “list to ban as a health food and Taxus Food materials Used. To ensure food safety, the Ministry of Health warned consumers not to eat or with Taxus Taxus food, non-food production and business units of production and management with Taxus food, local health departments to further intensify supervision and checks and seriously deal with production and management food products with Taxus. “Two sessions” Express Area: BOLA TANGKAS