Teaching Kids Tolerant Attitude

This world is full of differences that we cannot banish. Differences might become problems. Yet, if we are trying to be wise, we’ll find that differences are beautiful. Tolerance is what we need to cultivate into our mind. Make sure that we have had this value since we were kids that we can build our peaceful world. Thus, it is important to teach your children tolerance as early as possible.

If you want to teach your children tolerance, then you, as parents, have to be examples of tolerant ones. It is because children tend to imitate their parents do and behave. You can start with the extended family or relatives by which you have to give example how to respect and appreciate those coming from different backgrounds.

Tell them, “People are basically the same, though you might see that A is black while B is white, or, that some people are rich while others might be homeless. Differences are beautiful. We are not superior to other. They all are entitled to be respected.”

The most important thing to consider is racism. Don’t let them use offensive sentences or jokes which could insult or mock others. You can say, “It’s not such a good way of thinking, honey. It can break their heart. You don’t want someone else to do the same thing to you, right? Then you should not do such things to them. Good kids don’t say bad things to others.” Furthermore, don’t let them use slang words which tend to be offensive for others.

The next point, you can start telling them that they should not judge people based on their religion, race, ethnic, and so on. Ask them to use polite terms while referring to other religions or races.

It is also important to introduce other cultures to your children. You can teach them simple things, like the holidays or special events from other cultures, traditions or religions. They would love to know something new, like the typical food from any other countries or cultures. You can practice some food recipes some time, like Chinese or Mexican cuisine.

You can cultivate the value of tolerance to your children by creating opportunities to make friends with children from different backgrounds. Ask them to invite their classmates to your home for a little party. Or, you can enroll them in a kids’ club of sport which has members from various background. Those are tips to teach your children tolerance. Remember, it is better to teach them this value as early as possible so that they grow up with good attitude.