Team work – advantages and disadvantages

A a team work has assigned almost only advantages. We can see them and name them. Meanwhile, work in a team also has small disadvantages, usually hard to see them in our everyday work. Why it’s worth to work in a team and why sometimes not?

When we are talking about team work we mean that a team leader formulates tasks and team realizes it together but using the strengths of individual members. This form allows you to avoid job losses, as the activities are subject to internal audit and evaluation at each stage, and organizational activities are rationalized up.

Also when a group of intelligent people is talking about one common subject and looking for best solution they usually find the answer to their questions. Why? Because we are all different and while speaking one mind is stimulating another one and that’s how the best ideas and solution usually comes up during brainstorming.

And as we speaking of brainstorm and conversation it is very important to know how to speak with the colleagues and communicate every doubts and needs about work. Also listen actively, share suggestions and don’t hide bad feelings. Letting bad feelings brew can sometimes isolate one person from the group. And that in a longer term can make this person feel not loyal to all the group. And loyalty is what in team work is most important – it makes the team feel secure with each other.

When working in a team there are no losers and no winners. That, despite of obvious advantage (no one loses anything), can be a big disadvantage – no one takes a blame and no one can feel really good of gained success. If no one is responsible for each task sometimes no one knows who is doing what and the job might not be done at all.

If we have situation that the group of people consists mostly of leaders their team work might just not simply…work. What’s worse, a few people in the group who are not the leader types can be pushed aside by they colleagues and have a problem to do their jobs. Leaders would be concentrated on achieving the goal and won’t care about helping other team members and socialazing with them and won’t become a good team.

It is worth to work in a team having in mind those few disadvantages. Most of them can came up when the team is not very well and people don’t like each other. Also sometimes when people don’t know how to work in a team. That’s why it is worth to try a team development course and practise social skills.

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