Tech to keep the traveller entertained

Mobile entertainment is big business and the technology that supports it is getting more and more advanced every year. For the longest time music was pretty much the best that could be done when it came to entertainment on the go, but now we have more options than ever before, whether it’s music, video, books, or games, there seems to be a device and a service to meet our mobile needs. 
Music Players People have always wanted their music to be mobile. The Sony Walkman was the first commercially successful personal music player, but we have moved on from cassettes and CDs. Mp3 players are the dominant device for getting your music now. Since the rise in popularity of the iPod there have been many more entrants into the mobile music space. Most smartphones have some sort of music player or radio and services that allow you to buy your music on the go. 
Mobile Gaming Video games have been getting more advanced for years and now they are just as mobile as our music. Devices like the Sony PSP bring the latest games into the palm of our hands. Mobile gaming devices are also capable of much more than just gaming. The PSP offers you the option of playing your favorite videos and music as well and even connects to wifi networks for surfing the web. 
TV Portable DVD players have been around for a while now and are great for watching the movie of your choice while on a long flight or during a long drive. For some people, keeping up with their favorite TV shows is very important but the TV is trapped in the house. Along came Slingbox and suddenly all your favorite TV shows are just as mobile as your games and music. Using Slingbox , you can now watch your TV shows on your laptop, PC, or mobile phone. 
Other Mobile Media A lot of the devices on the market now have multiple functions for multimedia. Digital cameras used to be the only way to take pictures and record video, but now smartphones are creeping into that market. The latest phones have high quality cameras built in, that are capable of high resolution digital photography and video. If smartphones are not enough, we now have tablet PCs like the iPad that are capable of using a lot of the same apps as smartphones and double as ebook readers for those of us that enjoy a good book or 10 whilst away from home.