Technology Selection Especially Important for Growing Food Companies

Manufacturing Journalist, TR Cutler wrote in the current issue of the Food & Beverage Journal (a publication of FEP Executive Search), “Growth is often what triggers mid-sized food companies to examine their technology options. Finding vendors who fully comprehend the nuances and specific industry demands proves integral for success and continued growth.”


Ellison Bakery manufactures cookie products using top quality ingredients. “As a commercial bakery, Ellison operates in a high paced environment. We had two key business requirements that drove the need for a new system,” explained Jon Ellis, Plant Manager of the bakery. “First, our desire to improve lot traceability was critical. Second, the need to juggle our production schedules based on our customer’s ever changing demands. The best way to solve these issues was with an ERP solution that automated every step of our business.”



According to Todd Wallin, the bakery’s General Manager, “Lot tracking capabilities drove us to look for a new system. As we worked with larger companies, they demand a level of transparency in regards to lot tracking. One of the requirements was to lot track every raw material to every finished good. We had to find a way to deliver tracking from raw to the end customer.”


Five years ago, after an extensive search process, the company selected JustFoodERP, a key Microsoft Dynamics partner focusing on software for the food industry. As well as meeting their lot tracking needs, the system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV addressed many of the needs of a growing company. Wallin noted, “Reporting and tracking data is essential, and we have the systems in place to do this now.”



Clearly the technology solution is working for the bakery because, “Having JustFoodERP in place has allowed us to manage relationships with the largest ice cream and candy manufacturers in North America,” according to Wallin. The company has experienced the ability to work with customers due to these technology advances that would not have been possible otherwise.


JustFoodERP ( includes ERP business software for the food industry.  This industry specific solution also provides support for other key requirements including food safety software, product lifecycle management, reporting software, and CRM software for food industry. JustFoodERP is food management software and food service software which offers the necessary tools in order to improve business practices.  By using this food industry software companies are better able to save time and improve the quality of products and services.

JustFoodERP is a vertically focused software company providing software and services powered by the Microsoft Dynamics platform. The company has joined the prestigious 2010 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics, an elite group of the most strategic Microsoft Dynamics partners from across the globe whose sales achievements rank them in the highest echelon of the Microsoft Dynamics global network of partners. Members of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle have performed to a high standard of excellence by delivering valuable solutions that help organizations achieve increased success. JustFoodERP is recognized by Microsoft as one of the most successful business partners, deployed by over 150 customers in North America.




Michelene Maguire

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