Technology Simplified With Wireworld

More often than not, when we hear a tech term and have a question mark imprinted on our forehead! If you’re one of those, don’t worry…we are here to simplify some most commonly used, commonly confused technology jargons!

Most of us have heard the term HDMI, but unfortunately most of us don’t know what exactly it is. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. In simple terms, it is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. It allows the transmission of High-Definition video and digital audio down a single cable. HDMI cables use a much smaller, user-friendly connector. The specification handles high-bandwidth, uncompressed video and multi-channel digital audio as well, all in one cable. HDMI cables are fast becoming the standard on all new flat panel TVs with more and more being specified with 2 HDMI cable inputs. With the advent of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD HDMI cables are going to become even more common.

There are so many benefits of using HDMI, to list a few – it eliminates unnecessary signal conversions, integrates all video and sound signals onto a single, thin cable. It makes it very easy to connect components together. Everything on an HDMI cable assembly remains in its original, uncompressed digital format.

A term often heard is a speaker wire, or a speaker cable. Very few know its importance; speaker wires are the final piece of the jigsaw when it comes to hi-fi and home entertainment set-ups. Speaker wire can make or break a system. Wires differ in definition from cables, in that wires do not have plug-end receptacles, while cables do. Also a point to keep in mind is, the longer the wire, the thicker the AWG (American Wire Gauge). Often a myth revolving around wires is that the more expensive the cost the better it is.

Wireworld is a brand to reckon with when it comes to cable technology for home theatre and high-end audio systems. They are the pioneers in harnessing the power of comparing cables. The unique scientific approach of comparing cables to a direct connection has resulted in products of superlative performance and value, which thrill consumers and critics around the World. Wireworld understands its customer’s needs well, and that has resulted in them being market leaders.

“WireWorld is dedicated to creating cables that maximize the pleasure of your home entertainment experience.” David Salz, WireWorld President and Designer. There are brands one can trust and wireworld is definitely one of them. The quality is so trustworthy, that you can choose this brand blindly for your cable needs. A great team of technicians works on every minute detail for every product. Simplifying technology is what this brand does.