Teddy Bears and Vintage Dolls

There are all kinds of collectors in the world with different reasons for collecting.  Two very popular collectibles that often get lumped together are dolls and Teddy bears. 

Perhaps their popularity as collectibles is due to the fact that they both have roots deep in childhood or maybe it is because they both have very impressive potential to increase in value.  Regardless, they are both collected and cared for by people who treasure them deeply.  Not all of the dolls and bears that are sold today will be worth much in the future.  Many will not have much inherent collectible value to begin with and others will quickly lose their value as they are played with and damaged by normal wear and tear.

Among dolls, the vintage ones are often the most valuable.  Brands like Barbie and Madame Alexander are well known and documented, but other, less talked about names are also quite valuable.  Shirley Temple dolls can fetch impressive numbers at auction and new ones are still being produced today, even though the original craze for them started all the way back in the 1930s.  Strawberry Shortcake dolls which had their day in the sun during the early 1980s now can bring hundreds of dollars online.  Of course there are many other dolls that have just as much collectible value.  These are only two examples.

Teddy bears are another childhood favorite that some people do not recognize their collectible value until they take a closer look.  Older bears from companies like Bing and Steiff  were some of the first Teddy bears ever produced back before 1910.  They can easily bring hundreds of dollars when put up for sale.

Whatever your reason is for collecting, for money or just for fun, you can learn a lot about the hobby and enjoy yourself while you are doing it.  If you are lucky or decide to work at it, you might even make yourself some money.