Teeth Whitening Review – Finding the Best Teeth Whitening Product For You

The process of teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular, and the number of products to choose from continues to increase.  Some time spent in researching the possible choices is a good idea to avoid disappointing results and wasting time and money. 

Questions to Consider before purchasing any Teeth Whitening Product

What is the cause of your teeth discoloration?
What type of treatment will get the best results?
How quickly do you want results?
Do you have sensitive teeth?
How much can you afford to pay for your treatment?

The cause of your teeth discoloration will determine the best treatment for you.  If the stains on your teeth are superficial, a teeth whitening toothpaste may do the job, or an over the counter teeth whitening system may also be a good choice.  If the discoloration is deeper into the tooth enamel, then a stronger product may be necessary.  A visit to your dentist may be required if you are unsure of the best treatment for you.

The reason for yellowing teeth will also determine the best choice of treatment.  If you are a long term smoker, then the treatment you choose will need to be one that penetrates stains within the tooth enamel.  Choosing a professional whitening treatment either at home or performed by your dentist would be the best choice.  Milder teeth staining caused by caffeine, alcohol or just the normal effects of aging, can be whitened by using any of the at home teeth whitening kits. 

The strength of the ingredients in the teeth whitening treatment will determine how quickly you will get results.  Generally, the treatments given by dentists use a higher percentage of bleaching chemicals, so they work faster, but also involve the risk of increasing the sensitivity of your teeth in the short term.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, a milder form of bleaching agent would be recommended to try and avoid the unpleasant side effect of increased tooth sensitivity that sometimes occurs with teeth whitening.

How much you are willing to investment in whitening your teeth will also determine which product you choose.  Dentist treatments can cost up to thousands of dollars, while at home treatments are considerably cheaper.