Telephone Life Coaching – Does It Have to Be Face to Face and Is It Effective?

There are many people looking for that extra edge in both their personal and professional lives but many people have never even heard of telephone life coaching. Those people that have are sometimes sceptical about this technique or don’t fully understand how it works. Obviously the biggest point of scepticism and confusion on this matter is whether you have to be face to face with a coach in order for their techniques to really work.

So, let’s clear up a few things.

Firstly not all coaching has to be done face to face, of course many coaches will ask if you wish to meet in person but experienced professionals can inspire, guide and teach you the paths to success whilst you chat on a telephone or mobile from your home, workplace or even your car!

Is the coaching still as effective?

With questions and doubts like this it’s important to remember that a qualified and experienced personal coach is trained to include this type of coaching in their client packages and they understand how to make it effective. Yes, it will differ slightly than if you are with someone in person but this does not mean it will be less effective. Many people report that telephone coaching is actually more effective as they can concentrate purely on the conversation and teachings of the professional, without any visual distractions.

Is telephone coaching for everyone?

In short, yes! Personally I think that telephone coaching can be more appropriate than you first think. For many people the idea of visiting someone can be a little intimidating, but talking on the telephone can be very easy, especially for the less confident person looking for good quality success guidance.

Many life coaches offer telephone life coaching to their clients. Some even offer a free initial session which is a great opportunity for you to decide if this is the professional guidance and success planning you need.