Testing For Quality And Taste

The human tongue has the ability to determine four basic tastes, namely, sweet, salty, acidic, and bitter. All the rest is a matter of different flavours related to the sense of smell. When testing for the qualities of cigars, only the tastes like sweetness, acidity and bitterness are taken into consideration.  A salty taste might be given by chlorinated soil or some fertilizers. In this particular case, the tobacco does not get burned. If, by some bad luck, there happens to be a salted leaf in your cigar, you are sure to feel nauseous. Any regular tobacco buyer would be knowledgeable about that, and would avoid purchasing that material. Taste is discerned by placing an item on the tongue, and flavours with the help of nose. People are generally able to perceive the four basic tastes of sweet, salt, acid and bitter. Flavours are another matter of discussion. Few people are gifted with the ability of discerning and recognizing various kinds of flavours. Often, one may be able to sense a flavour, but may not be able to name it. It is also something concerning the memory power. It is very much possible to improve the sense of smell by undergoing rigorous and specific training methods.

Some experts, after having tested tobacco cigars, give a detailed and esoteric description of their emotions and feelings. Just remember the flavours you get to feel and experience; of fruits, forest items, and spices occurring naturally in nature. Let us take it that three smokers are blind testing two tobacco cigars. The first cigar gets an 8 rating thrice. The average happens to be 8. The second cigar eventually gets 6, 8 and 10 ratings. The average here also is 8. So, can the cigars be said to be equivalent in their properties? Taste is one of a personal matter, and again, it is also a subjective matter. As soon as a tobacco cigar is manufactured ready to be smoked, everyone has got the right to like it or hate it.  The cigar you like may not be found enjoyable by others. You will not need to convince anyone about this by using some fancy words. A bad cigar is the one that has the potential to make you and others sick. The reason may be attributed to the presence of green or badly processed tobacco.

The blind smoking test happens to be one of the best laid traps that human brain has ever invented. In fact, it is a very good method or tool to be humble. As soon as a person begins to speak of taste, it is bound to involve some amount of subjectivity. The particular name of the brand, the ring, the colour, and the overall appearance of the cigar, all are going to affect a person’s appreciation about the product. Even the meal you just ate before smoking can affect your judgement. One has to be cautious and critical about the various published tests and ratings, as long as the procedure is very clearly disclosed.