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As the world’s largest Beverages Paper Packaging Supplier, Tetra Pak requires not only the production of each package are derived from sustainable Management Forests, more committed to their recycling after disposal, these measures reduce the huge consumption of resources. However, scavengers and waste collection stations in the form of China’s resource recovery system, how to make as much as possible Tetra Pak Can be re-installed the best use of a test of Tetra Pak’s wisdom.

Tetra Pak, which by the paper, Plastic And made of aluminum foil Food Packaging in our Life In abound Coffee , Juice and the Chinese market more than three percent of Milk All packed in this package were sold. Shelves from China each year into the trash that people at home hundreds of millions of Tetra Pak, a huge market share also means an enormous social responsibility. In the era of rising environmental awareness, people began to enjoy the convenience, but also its consumption of resources behind the upset. Whether Raw material Capture or abandoned packages, how to achieve “renewable” and “available”, as the Tetra Pak has been in serious thinking and efforts and important work.

Have failed to consider the ecological protection and Business Competitive solution? Rubin, founder of Tetra Pak? Lausing Dr. There is a saying: “The savings package should be more than its own cost”, this sentence is not only a business maxim, equally effective in resolving environmental problems.

In the global business, the Tetra Pak to follow a product life cycle covering the renewable management, from Raw materials Use, product design, to production operations and even Consumption Collected after the re-use packaging, everything around renewable and reduce the impact on the environment to run.

In Tetra Pak, the 75% of the raw material?? Board all come from forests certified by the international authority, which means that the forest be moderate and good sustainable management of mining, it can really endless. However, endless forests, does not mean you can not add value to such resources. In 2006, 21 billion of waste recycling Tetra Pak is. In Germany, by the famous “Green Dot System”?? By the manufacturers of consumer goods in each package Print Green points mark, as the packaging has to pay a recycling fee of signs, and then commissioned a professional company responsible for the collection of packaging waste recycling?? 80% of Tetra Pak have been recycled. After the professional processing, waste Tetra Pak variable as park fence, Trash , Desks and chairs , Outdoor Floor , Paper and hangers, and many other practical and common items of environmental protection.

However, an effective method in Europe and America are very difficult to push down in the current situation in China by extension, of which the biggest bottleneck is the lack of a reasonable and efficient waste separation system, garbage collection system.

Since 1998, Tetra Pak had engaged in environmental protection work in China specialized team. Recycling just started packing the road, the European experience in China, entirely useless, so the team is very troubled by Tetra Pak. One of three environmental Project Division and teams composed of a manager in China started from scratch exploration.

Zhezhi small team to start in each city, tracking Tetra Pak beverage packaging, “second for” how to finish the the. After drinking from the consumers which threw garbage baskets, how to enter the garbage station, until the garbage dump, it has also been the number of Road staff to look through.

Micromanager Mo Pai 1, the Tetra Pak’s environmental protection team found that packaging waste recycling in China, a bottleneck exists in the chain at both ends: one is not a reasonable waste classification system, consumers have not raised waste classification into good habits from the people at home most of convenience readily mixed with the different types of waste disposal, paper packaging and the previous day’s leftovers mostly mixed together, which also makes the back of sorting very difficult. The other end, the ability to recover after the commercial use of paper packaging companies are few and far between.

Crux of the problem is clamped between two of the problem has become a bottleneck. Unable to make money, consumers have no incentive to collect used paper packaging; and, in turn, when the door Tetra Pak’s environmental engineer is recommended to the paper mill waste Tetra Pak separation Pulp Time, although these pulp quality, but rather expensive paper mills use imported Paper , Are reluctant to try on the grounds that: “I am so big factories, who know that you can receive several tons of a year spent Tetra Pak! Even if you give away a waste pulp I, I control it’s not enough trouble.”

Year, Tetra Pak spent promoting projects related to the 10 million yuan of funds, provided for related companies Train Is free, and technology is free of charge, even some of the equipment are bought from abroad to give free enterprise, but the first few years, but to little avail. Where a breakthrough? BOLA TANGKAS