Thai Amulets Market ? The Perfect Destination for Mystical Talismans and Charms

Undoubtedly one of the best shopping destinations in the world, Bangkok has an exciting collection of street markets, snuggled within the city. A specialized marketplace that attracts many, Thai Amulet Markets are famous in Bangkok among both local and foreign visitors alike.


For over a century, Thai amulets have been an obsession for many Thai Buddhists as wearing an amulet is considered a tradition. From the very early ages, the importance of wearing an amulet has been preached to every boy and girl alike. Famous throughout the world, these amulets are thought to have mystical powers, bringing good fortune to its owner.

Thai amulet styles are unlimited in shapes and sizes. Being one of the world’s largest producers, sellers and exporters, Thai amulets range from medallion-sized to pendant-sized. Engraved in metal, wood or clay, these amulets showcase images of Buddha and famous monks who are recognized around the world. Some include rare objects and relics or mythical creatures. There are even those that depict cryptic writings in the ancient script of Khmer language that are often difficult to decipher.

Depending on the individuals needs, these amulets are commonly worn for a specific purpose. There are some who wear these amulets for good health or gaining favor in the eyes of the gods. There are others who wear for long-life, protection and business prosperity. The stories that explain the history behind each amulet is often hazy. However, each amulet can change depending on the person who is recounting the charm and its powers.

Amidst the long row of stands in Bangkok’s largest amulet market, Tha Phrachan displays an array of extraordinary talismans, charms and religious amulets. The market appears every Sunday, creating a massive meeting place for those that buy and sell Thai amulets. Hoping to find one that will bring good fortune, hundreds of faithful shoppers are seen crouching on the ground, examining the images of the Buddha with magnifying glasses.


The Phuket Amulet Centre is another place for Thai amulets, established about 20 years ago. The displays attract a variety of people from all over the world. If you’re planning on a leisure travel to Thailand, then a Phuket hotelsuch as Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is the ideal place, situated nearby to such street markets. This five-star Phuket resortis conveniently located in the premier tourist destination in Phuket’s most vibrant and popular area.