Thailand – A Heaven on Earth Experience

Few vacation destinations prove to be as diverse and refreshing an experience as Thailand does. Thailand is in every definition a tropical paradise and voted as one of the most fulfilling holiday destinations in the world. Visit Thailand for an experience the best of both the urban and rural can offer. Phuket is Thailand’s most popular tourist spot; this beach paradise is teeming with tourists all year round. Visitors can indulge themselves in various beachside activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing and speed boating. The marine life in the sapphire blue waters of Phuket appears like a vividly colored eco system is a visual treat for tourists.

It is a great experience swimming amongst schools of tiny colorful fish. Apart from the interesting aquatic life, you can also take a slow boat down the waters amidst the rock formations navigating through the quiet waters. The monsoon season brings to the shores of Phuket, the most thrilling waves that hit its otherwise serene shores; this is the season for surfing and fun in the sands. Asian surfing contests have become very popular here, as well as the annual music festivals.

Therapeutic Spa to Tempting Tom Yum Soup

The most ingenious and sought after attraction in the Thai tourist industry is the Thai Spa. Thai massages are now world famous because of their soothing and therapeutic effects. While on vacation in Thailand, a Thai massage is an experience one should not miss out on. Known in Thailand as “nuat phaen boran” this is a branch of traditional Thai medicine. Indulge yourself in a range of treatments from facials to full body therapy beside the tranquil naturescape of Thailand. Thailand is also a site of ancient architectural wonders. The plains of these islands are strewn with ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples. These sites of lofty grandeur have been marked as world heritage sites, exhibiting the precision and skill of ancient sculptors.

One of the best aspects of visiting Thailand is the experience of Thai cuisine. Scintillating, tongue tantalizing flavors await you on a silver platter the taste lingers on the tongue for life. The best Thailand hotels are known for their exquisite dining experiences apart from the gracious hospitality. The cuisine is best known for its potpourri of flavors ranging from spicy to sweet and the strong taste of coconut. The most famous dishes are their gravy, noodles, rice, soups Thai Tom Yam being the most popular and an array of sea food items. Most of Thai food is cooked in a blend of herbs and sauces. Exotic desserts are prepared from locally available fruits like mangosteen, jackfruit, durian and chestnuts. Transports you to Enchanting Hotels in Thailand