Thank You Letter – For My Best Friend

Everybody has a best friend. Mine, happens to be the first person who actually talked to me during my seemingly lonesome university days. And ever since the first day we met, she has become an indispensable part of my life. This is why I feel moved to write a thank you letter to her, to let her know how much I appreciate and love having her in my life.

Dear Sara,

You know how they say that best friends are usually most like each other, have the same interests, think the same way, embody the idea of Birds of the same feather, flock together? I guess we must be unique then because were far from that. But it doesnt matter as because of it, Ive found so many reasons to thank you and appreciate everything about you.

Sometimes I cant imagine how we were able to live in the same apartment throughout university when our tastes in entertainment were so different. You enjoyed watching hours of showbiz gossip while I always had the TV set on CNN. Even so, I think youre still deserving of this thank you letter, because you showed me the lighter side of life. In the midst of economic meltdowns and political scandals, there was always comic relief in my life giving me semblance of much needed balance.

I remember how you always criticized my preference for fast food and how I could never understand why it mattered. But over time it was your home-cooked food that made me realize how important it is to take the time and effort to work towards something for people you care about. And with so many individuals speeding through life, moments that practice your patience builds your character. A home-cooked meal in our apartment equaled compromise and persistence in the real world.

Were far from each other now, Im in Alaska and youre still in the Philippines. Well, you have always known how much I wanted to leave the country. I always thought my life was bigger than what our hometown and homeland had to offer. On the contrary, you vowed to stay forever. We could never agree. But I always admired your display of idealism in thinking that you can improve the state of our country by staying. Its remarkable how you have maintained your positivism.

And this is why Im sending this thank you letter across the countries that may have separated us geographically, but not in heart.

Missing you lots,