Thank You Letter – My Gratitude To John F. Kennedy

There have been many great leaders that have positively affected their country, its development, its citizens, and even the rest of the world. One such man, in my opinion, is John F. Kennedy, whom I would like to express my gratitude for in the form of a thank you letter for displaying such heroism and admirable leadership.

Dear John,

I am more than certain that when you were alive many of your countrymen expressed their admiration and appreciation for you. You were and still are considered by many to be one of the greatest American presidents to ever take residence in the White House, and I must say that I agree. While I am not a natural-born American and, thus, was never directly affected by any of your policies or displays of leadership, nonetheless, your influence and renown spanned across the borders and reached me.

I believe that you are the perfect embodiment of many of the ideals that I deem important. The first of that being intelligence. Throughout your military, political, and even personal, life you displayed excellence in academics, a critical approach to solving problems, and a smart attitude when handling complex issues. I, like you, believe in the value of mental brilliance and have expressed these sentiments to many of the people in my life using you as a constant example.

I also think that you, John, are worthy of a thank you letter because of the manner in which you inspired and moved many to action and realization through your prowess in public speaking. You were eloquent, precise, and had the unique ability to make others listen. Perhaps, this is one of the many reasons why you were such an effective leader. Your address at the American University about the pursuit for world peace made many, including myself when I got the chance to read on it, appreciate the gravity of achieving global unity–terms that everybody seems to throw around carelessly without taking action towards it.

I also admire your personal courage. You led your country in a time of war and difficulty but you did so with such a display of personal fortitude. I found myself, whenever in positions of leadership, thinking back to you as an example of a true leader and tried to emulate the strength you displayed.

There is no doubt that you have somewhat made me appreciate the ideals you embodied so well on a higher degree. This thank you letter is the only way I believe I can express my appreciation for that to you.