The #1 Reason You’re Spending $1800 a Year to Gain More Weight

The slightly confusing concept I’m talking about is fast-food, and the reason the concept of fast-food is confusing is because we rarely sit in the drive-thru for the taste of the food.

That should come a shock considering the fact that on average we spend a little over $ 1800 a year to sit a drive-thru, eat too many calories, consume too much fat and add inches to our waistline. And we can’t forget that a majority of people claim to have the ability to cook better food in their own kitchens.

So if the food doesn’t taste that great, we gain weight by eating it and if we cooked the food ourselves it would taste much better, why do we continue to spend nearly $ 2000 a year on fast food?

The answer is simple, we fail to have a plan and here’s what I mean by that.

When you read these two situations, think about what you would do in these situations and which situation you find yourself in more often than not.

Scenario #1: You have a perfectly good meal, ready to go and its either on the stove or leftovers from the night before. It’s about 7 o’clock you know it’s around dinnertime and you have a choice, either eat what you have at your disposal or go get something from McDonald’s.


Scenario #2: There’s nothing technically ready for dinner but if you get started at 7 o’clock you could have it done by 7:45 maybe 8 o’clock at night. What you would cook would be way healthier than eating a burger and fries and it would taste better too, but you have to actually cook the food before you eat it. So do you cook or do you have someone else do if for you?

I used to find myself in scenario #2 a lot, and I would always opt to go through drive-thru rather than cooking what I already had at home. But when I put myself in the first scenario I noticed that I had no urge to go through the drive-thru because I had something perfectly fine at home already.

It’s funny how taste has little to do with our decision to drive to a fast-food restaurant. It’s no secret that McDonald’s is one of the leading fast-food establishments but have you ever heard anyone ask you this question before, “can you make a better burger than McDonald’s?”

Most people would say yes, and it’s true, there’s nothing spectacular about McDonald’s hamburgers but they have positioned themselves as an extremely convenient option when you want one though.

So when you take taste out of the equation you’re left with the convenience but how do you deal with that?

Put yourself in situation #1 more often than situation #2, make sure that you plan out your meals a few days in advance or even a week in advance like I’ve been doing.

When you know what meal you’re going to have next, you have all the ingredients planned out and you know when you’re going to cook it, you’ll notice that your visits to fast-food establishments will drastically decrease.