The A to Z of Skin Care

How exactly do you get beautiful, strong skin? There are so many products that claim to do magic for your complexion, but how do you know which ones really work? Yes, your complexion is determined by your DNA, but it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through any issues that you may be having with your face. Things like your pore size and cell structure are determined by the genetic makeup passed on from your mother, but there are ways to keep your face looking fresh, not to mention minimize the size of your pores. Ready to begin?

First, get a cleanser that is completely appropriate to your skin type. This means that if you are suffering from a dry and flaky complexion, then you must use a gentle cleanser that is hydrating and will not strip your face of too many oils. It is actually great for your complexion to have natural oils to protect it so that it doesn’t become red or inflamed. If your face is on the oilier side, then I recommend using a medical grade cleanser that has glycolic or salicylic acid in it because they will eat away all of the dead cells that can trap bacteria on the surface of your face and cause breakouts.

Always make sure that you are moisturizing after every single time that you cleanse! What I have found with my skincare clients is that they will often stray away from moisturizing if they feel that their face is too oily. This will actually cause your face to become overly dry, even if you have a normally oily complexion, and then your cells will produce even more sebum, or oil, as a result, leaving you in an even worse place than you started. Moisturizing consistently gives you the one thing that you need, which is balance. Regardless of what issues you may be struggling with in your complexion, a balanced facial care regimen is where it’s at.

Exfoliate regularly. How important is it to exfoliate? Let me just tell you that one of the main reasons that your face may look old and dull is because it really is. Is that shocking? What I mean is that there are dead cells that just build up on the surface of your face and sit there over a period of time so that when you put makeup on over it, the makeup will simply cling to the already dead cells, and then it will appear heavy or cakey. Sound familiar? Dead cells also absorb light so that your complexion looks dull and flat. As soon as you begin to exfoliate, you will notice that light is bouncing off of the surface of your complexion to give you a fresh and healthy glow. Magic! But it’s not really magic because all you have to do is exfoliate to give a total new look to your appearance.

I hope that these tips have proved helpful to show you all that you need to know in caring for your skin on a daily basis. It sounds easy, and it really is once you learn how to care for your appearance properly!