The Art of Applying Make Up

Applying natural looking enhancements to your face in the form of make up really is an art form.  Like all great artists, learning the right techniques is pivotal to creating the look that suits you best.

The Canvas:  Your foundation will lay out the canvas for the rest of your make up.  The purpose of foundation is not to change the colour of your skin, but to even out skin tones and give you a good base for the rest of your make up.  Therefore, choose a colour that is extremely close to your natural skin tone.  Don’t forget to blend well around the chin and jawline so there are no tell tale lines where your foundation ends.

The Background:  The background for your make up is actually the environment you’ll be in.  Subtle and naturally understated colours are perfect for day time wear.  You’re make up tends to be more apparent in the sunshine, so don’t let it get too bold or too dark.  Evenings, on the other hand, have the night sky as the background.  Man-made lighting doesn’t reflect make up the same as natural light, so you can get darker and more dramatic with your colours at night.

The Focal Point:  Like any great work of art, your face will have one feature you wish to draw peoples attention to.  Most women focus on the eyes, but it could easily be graceful high cheekbones or a full pouty smile.  The key is to only have one focal point that you highlight.  If it’s your eyes, use kohl liner and shimmering colour, while keeping your cheeks and lips neutral.  If it’s your lips, choose a silky and sultry lipstick, but keep the eyes low key.  For cheeks, combine a highlighting blush with a contouring colour below the cheekbones to really make them stand out.  However, keep the rest of your make up natural and unobtrusive.

Mastering the art of applying make up doesn’t take much time as long as you follow the basic rules.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll become your own masterpiece in a just few short minutes every day.