The Art of Photography

Photographers have an interesting relation and obligation to the world. Photography is such a powerful art that it is often debated. The lighting, angle, and other conditions that a photographer chooses for a photograph determines the response from those viewing the art. The same object may be photographed by two different artists and using the tools of the trade may cause very different reactions.

Photography is used in everything from leisure family vacations to forensic evidence in a court room. Photography is an excellent means to express yourself but viewing photography is really where the gratification for the art comes in. Viewing great inspirational photography and images can elicit feelings, memories, and emotions. A simple photo of The Eiffel Tower may give you feelings of romance. Even if you have never been to Paris, your brain will relate the photo to a romantic evening out dancing, which may entice you to go on that procrastinated date night.

A beautiful photograph of a barn out in a field may jog ones memory of their grandparents’ home, which was always peaceful. Every time you would visit Grandma she had fresh baked bread. The image captures your memory and you quickly realize that you are thinking of that warm bread just out of the oven, you can almost taste it!

A photograph of the 9/11 Tragedy will undoubtedly bring up emotions of sadness, anger, and courage for all that were lost and saved in that horrifying event.

Photography can persuade beliefs and opinions as well. A political photo such as an unborn, well-aged fetus can turn a strong belief in pro-choice to a strong belief in pro-life.

To sum up the effect the art of photography it can be said that it often speaks louder than a voice. Photography have many uses and many effects throughout the world, it carries a language that has no barriers. Through photography the world is able to share emotions, opinions, and communicate like no other system available. With technology today it is possible to take a photograph from the stars and moon to the core of the Earth, and the use of photography will only grow as it has always done, forever changing our world.