The Art Of Shaving Your Face Correctly

For a man, shaving is one of those things that becomes routine. It is something that needs to be done regularly. For some men it has to be done even daily. So shouldn’t it be important to do it right? Some might not even realize that there is a right and a wrong way to shave your face. There is. Shaving incorrectly will cause painful razor burn and possible ingrown hair. Using the wrong equipment can cause irritation and will make shaving a horrible experience. Here are a few simple steps to correctly shaving your face.

First you want to prepare your face for the shave. You always want to wash your face before shaving. Shaving with a dirty face can lead to infections if you possibly cut yourself. It also helps prepare your skin for shaving. Next, it helps to hold a washcloth soaked in warm water to your face for at least 30 seconds. This will help soften the hair and skin to help shaving become less irritating.

Always use shaving cream to prevent razor burn or other irritants. Start by putting a ball of shaving cream into your hand and using your other hand to apply it evenly over your beard and neck. You can also use a shaving brush to apply the cream evenly onto your face.

Next comes the actual shaving. Always use a new or fairly new razor. It is wise to use a safety razor to help prevent deep cuts on your face. These safety razors allow you to get a close shave without the worry of nicks or cuts. One your face, you want to shave from the top down to your jaw-line. Use long, straight strokes to do so. When shaving your neck, you want to go the opposite direction. Start from the bottom of your neck and go upwards towards your chin. Rinsing your razor after each stroke will keep it from becoming clogged with hair. When you have shaved everywhere you want to, rinse the rest of the water off of your face to look for sections that you may have missed. Wet the razor and shave the little stray areas you may have missed for a complete smooth look.

After you are done, use some aftershave to help tone and smooth your skin. You can also use moisturizer for a smooth and silky finish. Now you are ready to go out and face the world with your new smooth and clean appearance. BOLA TANGKAS