The auspicious Feel of a Gold Mangalsutra

Gold Mangalsutra can be defined as pure essence of every Indian woman who is married. This is the sign of their married life and quite similar to the western culture of engagement rings. It symbolizes her marriage and also her loyalty towards her husband. The groom ties this piece of golden thread around the neck of the bride which indicates socially, the start of their married life. This can also be defined as the prestigious gift that a woman can get for her marriage and it is worn till her death or the death of her husband. It also represents commitment and deduction.

A little about the term Mangalsutra:

This word Mangalsutra has been derived from two separate words. Mangal means auspicious or holy and spiritual and sutra symbolizes thread. It is a sacred necklace which is a mark of Hindu Wedding. The entire ceremony is stated as Mangalya dharanam which generally means to wear the auspicious. This provides the woman with the status of a life partner or wife.

Introduction of Mangalsutra:

This phrase is also known as tie with three knots and it is mainly a gold pendant which is strung from a yellow thread plated with turmeric along with small beads which are black in color or a gold chain as well. A woman who is married is expected to wear this thread around the neck in order to symbolize her marriage. There are certain cultures, where the groom ties the first note and the rest two knots are tied by his sisters.

There are different names given to this sacred thread. In Maharashtra it is called MangalSutra, thaali in Tamil, mangalsutramu in Telegu and more. The Konhanis mainly wear a total piece of three necklaces which are altogether known as Muhurtmani or golden bead which is big in size. This neckpiece is also known as Minnu by Syrian Christians.

Significance of Minnu:

The first significance of this jewelry was given by Adi Shankara in his book namely Soundarya Lahari. According to the Hindu ritual, the mangalsutra tied around a woman’s neck shows her lifetime commitment to her partner. She is now stated as a married woman and promises to stay by the side of her husband till death drew them apart.

Different designs of Gold Mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra is available in various designs and there are certain instances when these are adorned with various types of shimmering gems and stones. The most common one which is worn by maximum Hindu women is known as Lakshmi thaali. The design is mainly chosen by the family of the groom and must match the prevalent customs. Those who belong to the Gujarati or Marwari culture prefer to wear these which come with diamond pendants on it. The Maharashtrians wear pendant which comprises of one or maximum two vatis.

Other than mangalsutras, Ladies gold Bracelets are also quite popular among married women and unmarried ones as well. Various types of designs are available which are nicely embedded with shimmering stones and valuable gems. One can opt for quality products at cost effective ranges from online stores.

Agni Sutra or “Rule of Fire” – There’s a history behind the name which i’ll share with you guys in a few days.. For now enjoy the music 😉

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03. Daniel Lesden – Machinery 10:44
04. Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid – Anjuna (Symbolic & Outsiders Remix) 15:30
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06. Astrix – Underbeat (Future Frequency remix) 25:50
07. Daniel Lesden – Arrival 31:17
08. Simon Patterson – Smack (Waio Remix) 36:40
09. Aioaska – Deepest Level 42:33
10. Sean Tyas – Matter of Time (Original Mix) 48:45
11. Drukverdeler & DJ Bim – Mamma Afrika 54:36
12. Mechanimal vs. Contineum – Free Will (Sabretooth remix) 59:33
13. 2012 & Sinerider – Primordial Ohm 01:04:43
14. Outsiders – We Are in the Shadows 01:09:17
15. Makida And Protheus – Dark Space 01:13:18
16. Shivatree – New World Order 01:17:46
17. Electric Universe – Millenia 01:22:39
18. 1200 Micrograms – Speed Freak (Original Mix) 01:27:10

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