The Basics of How Social Bookmarking Sites Work

One important aspect of social media use is the process of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is process by which people share various content with other people. These could be videos, music, photos or other websites. These sites are quite useful to people surfing the net and have become quite popular for several reasons. Let’s take a look at why they work so well.

The main reason behind the success of social bookmarking sites is the actual social aspect of it, people. People can make up their own minds when it comes to dealing with bookmarks that are provided to the community. No matter how good a search engine becomes, it just cannot do as good of a job at determining spammy content as an actual human can.

The social bookmarking community included millions of users. These users get to vote on sites and bookmarks in many cases. This has the benefit of making content more valuable to the general community as well. If they like it, the content does well, gets passed around even more and more people see it. Content that is not wanted will likely never get more then a handful of clicks or even deleted.

When you bookmark a link on a social bookmarking site, like StumbleUpon or Digg, the link is stored into a central database where the system can allow access to it by all users. As the person bookmarking the site, you will also generally be asked for associated tags that will help the system to categorize the link that you submitted. These tags help both the system and the other users to find links related to topics of interest to them.

Once these bookmarks are into the system, other people can browse them using a number of formats, such as directly on the social bookmark site, or through the use of RSS feeds. These can be used for personal browsing by the end user or even added to other websites or news feeds. When this happens, a tremendous amount of traffic can be generated to a single bookmark.

Most bookmarking sites also include a rating system. This rating system allows the users to vote the link up or down based on opinion or popularity. Additionally you may be able to leave other comments regarding the bookmark. This is an example of social community interaction at its best.