The Battle Between Plastic And Wooden Toys

Toys are the part of the childhood development. When it comes in choosing of toys there’s always an argumentation between the plastic toys and the wooden toys. However, consumers don’t seem to consider buying a wooden toy for their kid instead. In a few ways, it would be more worth the while to get.

Let’s think of a few differences between the two.
Plastic toys: they can break easily and the edges could harm the little children. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are more durable. If you were to stand on a toy truck made of plastic, there is a great chance that it will break, possibly leaving sharp edges that could cut your child; and be fit only for the rubbish.
The wooden toys is been the choose for the all times. It can surpass the generation toys.
This is the reasons why the wooden toys should be chosen over the plastic. Here are some more reasons why wooden toys should be chosen over plastic. Many plastic toys are mechanized and do a lot on their own without the help of the kid. Wooden toys tend to be more passive, which means that the child has to become more involved and this can stimulate their imagination and be more stimulating. A more passive toy may also encourage greater problem solving skills. Another reason is wooden toys can make for a nice decoration for your home when the child outgrows them.

Wooden toys do not contain any harmful chemicals whereas plastic toys contain PVC also known as Vinyl which can be harmful to children should they ever put the toy in their mouth. Provided they are not painted with lead based paint which is only likely if it is an heirloom or if it is a cheap foreign import, wooden toys do not present any health hazard whereas plastic toys can be full of chemicals that are harmful if the child ever puts the toy in their mouth.

Wooden toys give a picture of the craftsmanship as compared to a plastic toy. Plastic toys generally do not depict any creativity by hand. Therefore, wooden toys are considered to be better than plastic toys. They bring joys and refresh memories in the future.