The Beauty Of Oman Islands

Muscat, the royal city, is the capital of Oman and it is the oldest city of the Middle East. It is full of its historical & cultural background. This city with

greenish decoration as public parks with a lot of historical forts and castles has now become one of the favorite tourist’s attraction spots there. The city is full of
eye catching sights and views including Bahla Fort, Fort Jalali, Fort Mirani and Nakhl Fort of 17th century which kept the city often occupied by the tourists. The
beautiful, historical and cultural background of the city is revealed by Javil Shams, the highest peak in Oman, Rasal Janaiyz-a sanctuary for green turtles, Al Alam Palace which is an example of the Modern Arab Architecture, Bantinah cost that always makes Muscat airport busy with tourists who are then directed towards the hotels that offer luxurious, comfortable and executive rooms with 5 star hotel facilities including the efficient services, the internet access, shopping centers, and the natural views.

A very long beach road connecting Qurum to Seeb covers the international standard hotels that can be saved in form of ever remembering and an unforgettable experience in every tourist’s mind. The gyms, restaurants, hotels, beaches, parks, and museum, when combined altogether, they form a piece of land on the globe called Muscat.

Trip to Oman proves to be a pleasing experience for its visitors and, tourists and the vacationers. One of the main reasons of Oman’s being marvelously beautiful is the presence of a number great number of Oman islands which have added starred value to it. There are many islands and some of the prominent Oman islands include the following.
Masirah Island: It is the island located off the east coast of Oman and the majority of the area is covered by either sand or hard rocks.

Quoin Island: Quoin Island, also called As Salamah Island, is the way point that leads to the Persian Gulf.

Telegraph Island: Telegraph Island is located near the offshore of Musandam Peninsula which is a part of the Sultanate of Oman. The beauty of island in Oman is something that should not be missed by any tourists or the person with adventure and enthusiasm. Common Omani islands are;

* Al Hasikiya Island
* Al Sawda Island
* Qarzawit Island
* Al- Qibliyah Island


The system of irrigation in Oman is generally determined by the term ‘Faraj’ with the plural called ‘Aflaj’. This refers to water under the earth’s surface through digging the land to represent irrigation. It is a commonly used irrigation in Oman to make water present in these channels throughout the year. After rainfall water quantity in these Falaj rises in the sufficient quantity. In the same way during dry seasons, the canals usually become wipeout.

Falaj is a permanent source of water in most of the regions which are naturally filled by the lakes, ponds and the inflow of water from high porosity rocks. Falaj
management is maintaining the system of natural water supply with the formation of these Aflaj:

1. Dawoodi Falaj
2. Ghaili Falaj
3. Ayni Falaj
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