The Beginner’s Green DIY Energy Guides on DIY Solar Panels

I always thought that having solar panels installed was a great idea, but I also though it was a specialist job until I read a couple of green DIY energy guides and watched some of their video tutorials. If you are relatively handy it seems as though you are able to learn the secrets of building your own green friendly solar energy plant and it costs less than $ 200.

The retail price of installing solar energy panels is extremely expensive; I have seen it advertised for $ 27,000 and even more. This is a scary amount of money, although we know that having this type of installation will save us up to 50%, if not more, on a regular electricity utility bill. It still takes some careful thought when you are expected to spend money in the tens of thousand to get your green energy working.

The way I saw the step by step installation process portrayed in green DIY energy videos and guides, was enough to convince me that just about anyone can do this, even if they have had no prior experience in working with solar energy. This is not the only site that punts you ability to DIY your own solar energy however, and you can get the facts from the horses mouth from many other resources.

When you are prepared to do something yourself, you are always able to save money, and the beauty of this system is that you can start off with one solar panel and grow your system as and when you can afford more equipment. Every little bit counts after all, it is not only our pockets we are thinking of and the increase in utilities bills, but you have to think about the environment at a whole.

I don’t know if any of you remember Ed Begley Jr. From St. Elsewhere and other movies, but he is a DIY green pundit and powers virtually his entire home from solar and other forms of energy. Makes use of rain water, rides a bicycle to get to places whenever he can and never takes a flight unless it is absolutely necessary.

This guy has got his head screwed on right if you ask me. I think he said his utility bill for the few electrical items still running on the grid is about $ 100 a year!! He loves the fact he is saving energy and has a great deal of fun with this.

You too can have fun when you “do it yourself”, it is not only about cutting costs, but also knowing that you used your skill, and a little help to achieve something highly commendable.