The Benefits and Disadvantages of Vessel Sinks

If you decide to get a vessel sink for your bathroom then there are some advantages and disadvantages of that choice you should be aware of. You will have to determine how important some of these things are to you in order to make an informed decision. These sinks are becoming more and more popular both in the home and in public restrooms.

Vessel sinks are very attractive and help to modernize your bathroom and make it decoratively memorable. This is perhaps the biggest advantage. People like the way they look. Bathrooms can become kind of utilitarian because there are certain fixtures and items that belong in the bathroom and there are only a certain number of variations that you can do. Adding a distinctive sink and interesting faucet configuration can be a way to set your bathroom apart from others. People will remember it.

A vessel sink is also very easy to install. Basically, the sink just sits on top of a counter with a hole for the drain. Another plus is that you are not limited at all by materials. You can pick almost any material you like for your vessel and also for the counter top. Vanity sinks limit the type of counter depending on how your sink is mounted. You need to make sure that the counter top is a material that has finished edges if you are undermounting your sink. There are no visible cuts when installing a vessel so you do not have to worry about finished edges. The vessel can also come in any size or shape you want. The only limit is your imagination. That means that you can choose a vessel sink that can fit almost any bathroom.

While they are very pleasing aesthetically, there are some possible concerns with vessel sinks. Depending on what they are made of, they can be relatively breakable and hard to keep clean. Sometimes the edges of the basin are thin and if you drop something heavy from above it is possible that you could chip or break a glass or stone basin. Glass vessel sinks are the most popular kind, but they are extremely hard to keep clean. Not only do hands leave behind fingerprints every time something is touched, water marks are also a problem. Every time you run the water and droplets touch the glass vessel, small drops are left behind that leave marks. You have to constantly keep cleaning it to make it look beautiful.

Vessel sinks can also be messy in another way. Some people have a hard time keeping water and soap inside the basin and spill over the edges. Mainly, this is a problems with children because they have to reach up and over the edge. If you have kids and you are considering this type of sink then make sure that you have stools that are high enough so that they can reach over the side. Another possible disadvantage of vessel sinks is that they require special types of faucets. These faucets generally do not work with other types of sinks so if you ever decide to change in the future you will need new faucets and hardware.

Every person needs to consider all of these factors before deciding to purchase a vessel sink. You need to determine what elements are most important to you.