The Benefits Of An Induction Buffet Warmer

In the foodservice industry, quality food is not only prepared with precision and control, but must also be served hot, fresh and fast. Induction buffet warmers are ideal equipment for dining establishments and events that serve food buffet-style, during which dishes must be kept warm in order to maintain their straight-from-the-kitchen freshness and quality. Read on to learn more about the benefits of induction buffet warmers, as well as types of warmers and accessories, and other induction heating technology that is continually changing the way foodservice professionals cook and serve food.

Benefits of Induction Buffet Warmers:
Prepared foods that sit out for long periods of time without a heating source can become cold, soggy and unappetizing, not to mention the risk of possible health code violations. Induction buffet warmers provide advanced induction performance with greater electrical convenience. This allows your front-of-house to operate smoothly, holding food at consistent temperatures and keeping your buffet area in compliance with health codes. Traditional buffet methods that involve open flames can be dangerous. The surface of induction warmers remains cool to the touch, minimizing burns and injuries and simplifying the cleanup process. Warmers with advanced electronics and heating technology do not need a cooling fan, resulting in whisper-quiet operation that does not disrupt the dining atmosphere.

Induction Buffet Warmer Designs and Accessories:
When food is on display, buffet warmers must have attractive, unobtrusive designs that fit seamlessly into the front of house dining and work space. Simple, easy-to-use designs allow for buffet warmers to be left alone to warm food, while the staff can focus on quality customer service. Invisible under counter mounted buffet systems allow you to keep food hot and fresh without having to cut holes in your countertops, and feature various temperature and power controls for accurate heating. Some common buffet warming accessories include trivets and chafing dishes.

Induction Heating Technology:
Induction cooking and heating are advanced methods of preparing and serving food. Induction technology uses an electromagnetic current to excite and heat the pan directly, similar to how heat is generated when rubbing one’s hands together. The cooking surface remains cool to the touch, increasing safety in the kitchen, while precise controls and even heating allows for perfectly cooked meats, sauces, pastas, desserts and more. Induction technology also wastes less energy than gas or electric cooking methods, making the kitchen more energy-efficient and lowering utility bills. In addition to induction cooking equipment and induction buffet warmers, there are also advanced food delivery systems that use induction heating to keep food hot and fresh during delivery. BOLA TANGKAS
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