The Benefits Of Using A Facebook Fan Page To Market Your Business

There is no better time than now to start utilizing Facebook for marketing your business.  Facebook is getting more traffic than ever and it is a great place to market because people trust it.  One of the best ways to brand yourself and market your business on Facebook is to create a fanpage for yourself.

Creating a fanpage within Facebook is very easy to do.  If you do not know how to create a fan page there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube that can walk you through the simple process.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Fan page?

Having a page is going to do a number of things for your business.  If you set it up right, it can brand you as a leader and someone who has value to offer people.  Not only that, but you can actually set up your fan page to become a lead source for you as well.

You can set up a tab within your fan page that will ask visitors for their name and Email in exchange for some sort of training that you can offer them.  This is very cool because now you are branding yourself and generating leads all within Facebook.

This strategy works very well for driving traffic to your main website too.  You can place a link to your blog on the fan page, and people can go from Facebook right to your blog.  Not to mention the fact that you can send messages directly to people who “Like” your fan page.

When someone “Likes” your fan page it gives you the ability to send them messages within Facebook.  This is beneficial because it is just like having an Email list.  You can send them offers, or links to your recent blog posts, or whatever you want.

If you have not yet started to market on Facebook, that is fine, but it is time to start!  Facebook is growing like wildfire and you do not want to miss out on the traffic that it has.  You can generate tons of leads and many new business partners just from Facebook alone.

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