The Best Abdominal Trainer and the Cheapest Too

Every abdominal crunch machine ad seen on television claim that it is the best abdominal trainer. They boast of targeting the most specific abdominal muscles to create that six-pack abs look. But these exercise machines do not come in cheap. What option is there for those who want to have flat abs but do not want to spend excessively on exercise equipment?

A simple solution is having the right attitude and discipline. If you are a pragmatic person who does not have enough time to go to the gym or only have money to spend for basic expenses for one’s self or the family, finding the best abdominal trainer is all a matter of discipline. For there are in fact, many simple abdominal exercises that anyone can do at home. Crunches and sit-ups are the basics and one can do variations of these exercises to make them more interesting. Discipline is important to maintain regularity of these exercises. Doing these exercises only once or twice or only every time you remember to do them won’t do. The key is to make them regular. A few minutes a day can be enough. And as these exercises progresses, so does the muscles of the abdominals tighten too, little by little. It is also important to have warm-ups before exercises and cooling down exercises at the end. Also do not overdo or overstretch the exercises. Use the body’s reaction to determine and balance the intensity of the exercises. Start by doing little, increasing intensity and repetitions day after day.

Physical activity must not be limited to exercises done. During the day, make sure that you have a relatively active lifestyle. Meaning, you do not sit on the couch whole day nor you’d rather drive a few blocks to the store than walk. It’s important that you keep muscles in your body more or less active. Attitude is important here. A lazy, never mind attitude won’t do. Keep the body and mind active, fresh and always looking for something to do inside and outside the home.

Eating habits also entail discipline to have that target body. Even if you have those expensive exercise machines, they wouldn’t work either if you do not follow a healthy diet. It’s just simple. Keep your diet nutritious, less in snack and avoid junk foods. Every time you have an urge to snack or binge, it’s better to grab a fruit. It’s sweet, tasty but without the unwanted calories. Rewarding yourself with some treats every now and then is not bad. Having that feeling that you are depriving yourself with pleasures just because you want to have a great body is not a good attitude and usually will affect discipline. Drinking lots of fluids is also just as important and be sure to be nourished with at least 3 liters of water a day.

So you want the cheapest and the best abdominal trainer? That would be you. With the right discipline and attitude, you can achieve the abs you want, guilt-free and enjoyably.

Wayne Rooney ● Best Goals Ever

Wayne Rooney ● Best Goals Ever

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