The Best and Easiest Koi Pond Plants and How to Plant Them

What is the best Koi pond plant? In my opinion, the number one plant for fast growth and powerful water filtration is the water hyacinth. It is a very beautiful  plant that will enhance any water garden as well.

The jumbo’s are probably the best ones to get. Many cities in the United States use them to prefilter the waste water in their water treatment plants.

Floating pond plants are the “backbone” of what Koi pond plants are intended for. They filter contaminants out of the water and produce oxygen.

Be careful with them when you first bring them home If you put them in direct sun the first day the leaves have no fluids and the sun will burn the leaves. Once they are acclimated you can place them anywhere you choose. 

All of the floating plants are especially good as Koi pond plants but none have quite as high powered cleansing properties as the water hyacinth.

However,  Koi love to nibble on hyacinth root tips. Always keep some in the top of your waterfall box to replace the ones the koi tear up!

Also, occasionally the hyacinth will get their root masses entangled and it is suggested that you pull the root masses apart to encourage new growth.

Floating plants such as water lettuce, water hyacinths, frog bit, azolla and duckweed do not actually need to be planted. Simply place them in your pond to float.

As with water hyacinth, when you first remove your water lettuce from the bag it is wise to float it in a container of pond water in the shade to rehydrate its leaves before putting out in the hot sun. It has used the moisture stored in its leaves on it’s trip home. If it is simple tossed into the pond in the hot sun, the sun will fry the leaves, turning them brown and crispy.

Floating plants are the easiest to plant. Just lay them in the pond! Then shade them for a few days before exposing them to full sun.

If you want to contain them so they don’t float into your skimmer you will need to make a floating fence for them. Just take a few sticks and form them into the shape you want and tie the ends together with fishing line. Lay the stick fence into the pond and lay the floaters inside of it. If you anchor the fence it will keep them safely in one place.

You can anchor the fence with a big fish sinker. An old Hula Hoop spray painted flat black, with a large fishing weight anchoring it in place, works very well too.

You can see that the floating water plants are very efficient at creating a healthier pond environment and are extremely easy to plant and care for! That’s why I find them to be the best and easiest Koi pond plants.