The Best Anti Aging Creams

The concept of applying balms and other compounds topically as a method of treating skin conditions is not new by any means. People have been using mixtures of botanical and mineral elements for a variety of health reasons for thousands of years, and these efforts have often included a search of ways to fight the effects of aging. The elusive “fountain of youth” formula has been the focus of many such attempts, which continues to this day. Modern discoveries of beneficial ingredients for slowing or even stopping the negative effects of aging on the skin have led to an increase in the availability of many products that claim to fight the effects of skin aging.

How Anti Aging Creams Work

The general approach that manufacturers of the best anti aging creams take is to address the underlying factors that contribute to degradation of dermal integrity overall. These include, but are not limited to: skin cell health and regeneration, collagen and elastin protein synthesis and maintenance, and skin hydration. Any skin cream that can be considered effective will combine elements that can support healthy skin growth on the surface, while at the same time providing sufficient levels of emulsification that will allow the ingredients to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin where collagen and elastin cell structures exist.

Effective Anti Aging Ingredients

An effective topical cream will address most if not all of these factors. There are many natural and man-made ingredients that are used in topical creams, but not all combinations of ingredients are effective. This is dependent on several factors, including skin type, positive formulation methods, and the ability of the chosen ingredients to combat the effects of aging. In general, the ingredients that produce the best results are: antioxidants, which support optimum skin cell integrity and regeneration; polysaccharides, such as hyaluronal, which help to ensure proper collagen and elastin development; and exfoliants, which aid in the removal of dying skin cells.

Best Anti Aging Creams

The best anti aging creams available will not only have a number of beneficial elements for skin health in their formula, but will also include ingredients that will deliver these elements in a manner that will provide the most effective system of maintaining continued skin health overall. For instance, those elements that are beneficial to collagen and elastin integrity will be most effective when mixed with emulsifiers that penetrate to the lower skin layers. Antioxidants are beneficial overall to cellular health, but they must be the kinds that are specific to skin cell growth. Retinol, an OTC version of a vitamin A compound known as Retina-A, targets collagen and elastin cell development, as does vitamin E. The best anti aging creams will also include ingredients that promote the skin’s ability to hydrate and heal itself, such as kinetin and copper peptides.

Other Elements Found in the Best Anti Aging Creams

There are many other ingredients that may be included in the more effective anti aging formulas. CoenzymeQ10, a naturally-occurring nutrient that regulates cell production, has been found to be highly beneficial in wrinkle reduction and in protecting the skin from sun damage. Green tea extracts are more commonly used today, and are often found in the best anti aging creams. These extracts contain high amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that will maintain healthy skin cell growth while minimizing degradation of the skin overall BOLA TANGKAS