The Best Bath Accessories – Relax in Comfort and Style

Having a bath is time alone with oneself and it is a personal experience. With the increase in stress levels and the decrease in time in most of ours lives if we take a bath its usually a quick one. The fact is that a bath should be a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, but sadly it is often not. Today though it is possible to really indulge in a bath to the fullest extent by using the various bath accessories that are available.

Bath accessories which were once considered a luxury by many has changed into something that everybody uses and indulges in. Some of the things that were considered to be out of reach such as towel warmers and shower cubicles have become a common fixture in most house holds making the bath experience more accessible. There are many bath accessories available now but here are some of the most popular.

Bath salts: bath salts are not a new addition to the whole bath line up. In fact they have been around for thousands of years. The bath salts were used by nobility during the early days. Bathing salts are often added to the bath water to enhance the experience. Sea salt and baking soda form a very important part of the mixture. They give the felling of having taken a bath in the sea which is a very invigorating experience. The body also derives its nourishment from these salts.

Bath lotions: One of the most popular bath accessories. They are found in large numbers with a wide variety of fragrances and aromas. They provide the user with a very nice pampering experience. The bath lotions are nourishing in nature and they clean the pores of the skin keeping it clean and soft. The introduction of organic ingredients has made the bath lotion even more attractive as they cause no damage to the skin.

Bath pillows: a bath pillow is a very important accessory for long baths. The reason being that laying your head on a hard ceramic surface for an extended period of time is not a pleasant experience. These pillows come in all shapes and sizes, they are water proof and they are available as inflatable or non inflatable. They can be filled with water or air and some times even foam. The bath pillow has become a common fixture in spas and now has found their way into homes as well.

Towel warmers: this was in the category of the super rich but now due to the competitive rates they have been included in the shopping list of many. These are available in two versions namely the wall mounted one and the floor warmer. The floor towel warmer is a better option as it is a step better than the former.

Bubble bath: these are very popular now and they provide a very satisfying and relaxing experience. They are available in two types which are surface bubble and the aerated version. The surface bubble is popular as it is simple to achieve and more suitable for house use, the aerated bath will need special apparatus to set up but is none the less popular.