The Best Bath Taps and Bath Shower Mixer

In recent times, during the execution of residences/apartments etc., clients are requesting architects to specifically emphasize on the bathroom and its fittings, irrespective of luxury. It is no longer regarded just as a functional room but also as a room of indulgence and leisure. Bath taps are therefore becoming the most sought after bathroom fittings to accentuate the bathroom’s extravagance.

A variety of bathroom fittings, particularly bath taps, of different types are selected to generate an atmosphere of splendor and delight. It is, however, important to carefully select the bath taps to blend with the interiors of the bathroom.

There are numerous varieties of available, the most prominent ones being, bath mixer taps, monobloc taps, sink taps, pillar taps, basin taps, single lever taps and bib taps. A popular choice of materials used for bath taps are polished chrome, porcelain, brass, steel, nickel and ceramic.

Specification of requirements is important in order to select a MIXER among such a huge variety. Bath shower mixer, which is used for basins as well as baths, is used where it is required to combine hot and cold supply of water into a single, indivisible pipe spout.

These mixers are generally available in traditional design and enhance any bathroom with their versatility.

Using bath shower mixer is the most effortless way of accommodating a shower as it requires minimal plumbing work. However, their fixtures must be planned well in advance for it to blend with the interiors and other features of the respective bathrooms. As far as aesthetics is concerned, these mixers are available in many different styles and can be chosen in accordance with an individual’s taste and style.

They are usually finished in antique gold, nickel, diamond antique gold and chrome, rusted, lacquered, antique, polished and natural finishes. The materials generally used are stainless steel, copper, wrought iron, aluminum, brass and ceramic.