The Best Exercise Guidelines For Losing Weight!

If you are looking for the best exercise guidelines for losing weight, you’ve come to the right place. Acting on what I am about to tell will enable you to burn thousands more calories while cutting your total workout times by half.

No more marathon workouts at the gym that last an hour or more.

So, keep reading if you want to discover a new method for losing weight.

The Best Exercise Guideline For Losing Weight

Short, intense workout always beat long, easy workouts

Jogging for miles at one easy pace doesn’t do a whole lot for losing weight. Maybe that comes as a revelation to you. It doesn’t really give back what you put into it.

If you are used to jogging for half an hour, you could easily burn off way more calories if you ran as hard as you could for ten seconds and then walked for the following 50 seconds. You could repeat that cycle for a total exercise of 10 minutes.

Then you’re done. Do this 4 times each week.

So, you’ll only spend 40 minutes exercising the entire week. That’s not much more than one day spent jogging for 30 minutes. And you only ran hard for 10 seconds for a total of ten times.

So, you only really ran hard for a total of less than two minutes the whole week!

I know you can do that!

If you do, I assure you that you will lose a bunch of weight very fast. You will also save quite a bit of time. Better weight loss results in less time. What a concept!

Don’t do exercises where you have to lie down or sit. Only do standing exercises.

The body naturally does things best when it is standing up. The whole body gets involved in the exercise. And this makes for very efficient weight loss.

Whatever exercise you do, just make sure it is done while you are standing.

Follow those two easy exercise guidelines for losing weight and you’ll be glad you did.