The Best Female Libido Enhancers

There are many ways to enhance female libido, and perhaps the most potent aphrodisiac is simply atmosphere. If you’re planning a hot date, then the right environment, the right lighting and the right music can be absolutely key to getting her in the mood.

Food is very important, too. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to whip up a special, sexy meal, but choosing the right kinds of foods can make all the difference. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best foods that can be used as female libido enhancers, but first we’ll take a look at what an aphrodisiac really is.

The word aphrodisiac comes from the name of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and simply means any substance or even environmental factor that induces or enhances feelings of sexual desire. The history of many so-called aphrodisiacs has more to do with symbolism and ritual than any evidence of actual effects upon the body, but more recent studies have shown the chemical routes by which some effective female enhancement foods and herbs work.

In classical times, aphrodisiacs were further subdivided into things that could boost sexual desire and things that could enhance fertility, but these days we mostly think of aphrodisiacs solely in terms of their being libido enhancers.

The symbolism behind many aphrodisiacs is clear even today, in some cases quite tragically. We think of asparagus as an aphrodisiac, and though asparagus plants do contain small quantities of phyto-estrogens that might have an effect upon female libido, you’d have to eat an awful lot of them to get any noticeable benefit. What makes asparagus an aphrodisiac is the plant’s phallic shape, and the fact that you can have fun eating the spears.

Symbolism such as this is harmless and can be fun, but we should remember that even today the ridiculous idea that something shaped like a phallus can improve male performance is largely responsible for the near extinction of one of the planet’s most iconic and amazing creatures – the rhinoceros.

Despite being utterly fatuous and entirely without foundation, the belief that rhino horn can improve male performance (popular in traditional Chinese ‘medicine’) leads to hundreds of these creatures being poached and illegally killed each year, so that their horns can be powdered and sold as aphrodisiacs. Rhino horns are made of exactly the same stuff that all animals make their skin, hair and nails or claws from – keratin. A Chinese man who believes that rhino horn will help him to maintain an erection could save himself a lot of trouble and expense simply by eating his own hair. This would produce the exact same result as if he ate rhino horn – none at all. This aside takes us away from our main topic, but it should serve to remind us to use caution where symbolism is concerned.

As for foods that we know to have aphrodisiac properties, we can list almonds, avocado, fennel, garlic, ginger, oysters, and the luxury goods coffee, truffles and chocolate. It would be a tough order to compose a menu using all of these things, and this author would certainly not recommend it, but you can use some of these ingredients to produce a delicious and erotic meal.

Finally, there are natural herbs that can be used as powerful female libido enhancers, and several female enhancement products that make use of these herbs. The most famous female libido enhancing herbs are Horny Goat Weed, Kacip fatima and panax ginseng. These female enhancement supplements are really designed to restore libido in women who are suffering from a loss of libido, but their potent effect ensures that almost any woman will be very much in the mood after taking them.