The Best Fish Oil Supplements – 5 Tips You MUST Know to Find the Best Fish Oils

Want some help finding the best fish oil supplements? Here’s 5 tips you must know that’ll help make finding the best fish oil supplement easier and faster.

TIP #1. Look for a quality omega-3 supplement on the Internet instead of going to your local pharmacy or department store.

Thanks to the Internet, we don’t have to make purchase decisions based solely on what’s said about a product on it’s label. Now, we can do the proper research and really learn all about a product before we buy it.

Plus, you have a much bigger selection to pick from online that you would at your local store. I’ve actually found that products made outside of my country (the U.S.) are of higher quality than American brands. But of course, none of those brands are sold in stores here.

TIP #2. Make sure that there’s a reasonable amount of DHA omega-3 and EPA omega-3 in your supplement of choice.

DHA and EPA omega 3 are the most readily available and beneficial types of omega-3 for humans. They are the most complex kinds as well, meaning they can easily converted to other types. The best fish oil supplement contains at least 25% DHA and 10% EPA omega-3.

TIP #3. The best fish oil supplements are made by trustworthy companies.

Finding out a lot about the company who makes a supplement can tell you a lot about the product itself. For example, a company with a strong health philosophy tends to create higher quality supplements.

Since the supplement industry is not regulated like the prescription medication industry is, what you get in the bottle isn’t necessarily what it says on the label, so information like this can help decide whether you’re dealing with a reliable company or not.

TIP #4. Make sure that the company who makes a supplement has the proper handling practices and product management to assure freshness.

The right handling techniques and product manage is the different between the best fish oil supplements and the worst. If fish and their oils are not handled properly, then oxidation will set in.

Once this happens, the oils begin to go bad and free radical production increases. And when you take a supplement where oxidation has set in, they cause an awful burping and repeating effect. But with the proper management and handling techniques, all of this can be avoided.

TIP #5. The best fish oil supplements are always purified and molecularly distilled to assure they are safe.

Purification and molecular distillation should be done on all oils because they remove all of the trace contaminants found in ocean life. Contaminants like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, dioxins, PCBs, lead, and other heavy metals are often found in fish. Consuming these contaminants regularly can damage your health more than the whole supplement helps it.