The Best Home Security Options For Business Travelers

It’s a busy, busy world these days, and jobs are no exception. Most young professionals have found themselves transported from mere days at the office to a fast-paced work life that involves planes, trains, and automobiles. To stay ahead and moving in this economy, it’s important to be adaptable and highly mobile. With commutes getting longer and longer and key players asked to hop on a plane and seal deals on both coasts at the drop of a hat, being home for the weekend is becoming more of a rarity for hardworking business travelers.

Being away from home that much can be difficult for a number of reasons. For working people with families, those long hours spent toiling to provide a comfortable pace of life back at home might mean missing more than a fair share of soccer games and couple’s dinners. And for young professionals who aren’t yet tied down but who are on their way, this means less time to establish a personal routine. No matter who you are, though, jumping around that much for travel doesn’t leave much time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But for a jet-setting business traveler, it’s not just about having the leisure time to enjoy what your hard work is providing: it’s also about protecting the very things you worked so hard to obtain in the first place! Especially for single businesspeople, it’s incredibly obvious that a busy routine means a vacant home. Professional criminals pay close attention to people’s habits, and breaking into a home that no one is due to be in for a couple of days is highly desirable to risking a forced entry into a residence where someone could be home at any minute. Thus, business travelers have to take extra steps to ensure their home security while out on the road.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make one’s house less desirable to criminals is to get an alarm system and then advertise it in every possible way. Not only is having a home alarm in and of itself a hugely helpful step in preventing robbery, making sure that it’s well known might mean that you don’t even have to test its effectiveness. When the company that installs your system leaves a number of stickers and signs, put them up all over the home, prominently. Make sure that whatever motion-sensored light system that’s installed makes sure to illuminate them, too. You want to make it as obvious as possible that you spent just as much money on the best home security system as you did on whatever is worth taking in your home, too.

Don’t forget, though, that a sharp home alarm system on a house that looks deserted is going to be a lot less effective of a deterrent. Fix this problem by communicating with your neighbors and service workers to make sure that your home doesn’t ever appear that deserted. Make sure to cancel the newspaper delivery and have the mail held when business travel takes you out of town for long enough that a stack of papers or mail would start to accumulate.

If there’s more than one car in your household, make sure to leave one parked in the driveway, so that it appears that someone has been coming and going on a regular basis. Make friends with your neighbors, and have them call you if something looks suspicious. It’s a lot easier for someone you know to track you down with a travel number than it is the security company, and every moment counts when it comes to a robbery.